BFA Showcase 2022

Through our BFA Acting program, our students have immersed themselves in a variety of performances, intensive training and theatrical discipline to expand their versatility and proficiency as actors. Get to know each of them, what they’ve done so far and what they want to do in the next few years. 

Meet the BFA Acting Class of 2022!

Blake Buksa (he/him)

Blake Buksa is a BFA graduate from UBC originally from Edmonton, Alberta. Coming from a singing and dancing background, Blake found his love for acting through musical theatre. Having done multiple projects with UBC, Blake is eager to step into the Vancouver film/tv and theatre industry.

What was one of the highlights of your UBC experience?

I see myself acting in film and television but along the way, I also see myself producing, acting and directing in plays and short films. I would love to learn and feel confident in all positions to challenge myself and help me grow as an artist.

Belén Quirce (she/her)

Bel is a Peruvian/Spanish actor and singer-songwriter. For UBC: Oil (Amy), Machinal (Young Woman, Ep. 2), The Greeks (Clytemnestra) and the short film “Day” (Brenda). In Peru: Footloose: The Musical (Ariel), Sadako and 1000 Paper Cranes (Sadako), James & The Giant Peach (Spider). Original music on streaming platforms.

What was one of the highlights of your UBC experience?

Playing co-lead Amy in Oil by Ella Hickson, directed by the brilliant Moya O’Connell. Playing one character in four different languages, at four different ages, in four time periods—all in one show. A beautifully daring experience. Unforgettable.

Conor Meadows (he/him)

Conor is an Edmonton-born actor who is thrilled to be graduating from UBC. He is thankful for his brilliant classmates, his loving family and his supportive partner who helped him get here. He also would like to personally NOT thank his cat Willow, who had a $2200 dollar vet bill last month.

What was one of the highlights of your UBC experience?

The Commedia Dell’Arte unit (taught by the brilliant Susan Bertoia) was an absolute stand-out for me. Being able to really let loose comedically was a fantastic outlet, and it opened doors for some incredible opportunities for me.

Dylan Nouri (he/him)

Dylan Nouri is a Vancouver-based actor, writer, director and producer. He made his child acting debut in Rise of the Planet of the Apes (FOX). For UBC Theatre: Oh, The Humanity, Machinal  and Oil. Dylan is also pursuing a Master of Management dual degree from UBC Sauder School of Business.

What kind of creative work do you see yourself doing in the next few years?

I plan to continue performing on screen and on stage as much as possible, while writing and directing my own scripts. I plan on eventually starting a TV production company with my business partner Ruairi.

Fiona Jenkins (she/her)

Fiona is an actor and dancer from Portland. For UBC: Oil (May), Machinal (Telephone Girl/Young Woman), The Greeks (Hecuba/Electra). Other credits: Kayleen in Gruesome Playground Injuries, Miranda in The Tempest, Jennifer in Burst, and Eurydice in Eurydice. She has danced with BodyVox’s JAG Company.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Independently producing Gruesome Playground Injuries, a play by Rajiv Joseph, with fellow BFA students and alumni.

Gabrielle Nebrida-Pepin (she/her)

Gabrielle is a Filipino/French-Canadian actor who is currently signed with The Characters. With 10 years of training under her belt with Arts Umbrella and UBC, you’ll find her in both theatre and film. Upcoming projects are: Quelqu’un t’aime M. Hatch with Axis Theatre and LifeCycle at The Cultch.

What kind of creative work do you see yourself doing in the next few years?

I’m really looking forward to really digging into my acting career and having that be my singular focus. However, I have several projects in mind for devised work and a podcast (to be launched in September of 2022), and I’ll also be getting my hand into producing!

Isabel Hansen (she/her)

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Experiencing inner peace, for once.

Isabella Laesecke (she/her)

Izzy Laesecke is a Canadian actor and theatre artist who fell in love with acting through a summer camp with Calgary Young Peoples Theatre. Since then, no one has been able to drag her out of the theatre. In Calgary: Peter Pan (CYPT). At UBC: Oh, The HumanityThe GreeksMachinalCoriolanus.

What kind of creative work do you see yourself doing in the next few years?

I really hope I get the opportunity to collaborate with some of my classmates on some of the ideas I’ve had rattling around my brain. I think writing and creating with other people is one of the most fulfilling things you can do.

Mai Stone (she/her)

Mai Stone is an actor from Huntsville, Ontario. At UBC, her theatre credits include Secrets (Maggie), Hot L Baltimore (Jackie), Isle Dell’Arte (Il Capitano), Problem Child (Denise), Machinal (Young Woman, Ep. 7) and Coriolanus (Aufidius).

What kind of creative work do you see yourself doing in the next few years?

Right now, I am most excited to begin auditioning for theatre and explore voiceover acting. I am also planning to focus my time writing, producing and learning to direct film.

Nicolas Olney-Rainville (he/him)

Nicolas Olney-Rainville (Nicc) is an actor, singer, songwriter and musician, and an aspiring voice actor, writer and producer. He is currently the lead singer and front person of a local Vancouver band named Flint & Smoke. His UBC acting credits include The GreeksMachinalOil and Kinder Tillers.

What was one of the highlights of your UBC experience?

During the pandemic, I wrote, recorded and released an album with Flint & Smoke, additionally to starring in two short films: Kinder Tillers and Incognito! Although it was an uncertain time, it was very rewarding and creatively fulfilling.

Robyn Shanks (she/her)

Robyn grew up in the sunny Okanagan as a theatre brat. At UBC she learned her knack for playing domineering mothers by getting cast for roles such as Arkadina in Chekhov’s Seagull, Clytemnestra in The Greeks and Mother in Machinal. She is extremely proud to have completed a degree in acting at UBC.

What was one of the highlights of your UBC experience?

The biggest highlight of my time at UBC was working with director Tanya Mathivanan on my role as Menenius in Shakespeare’s Coriolanus. Studying the classics was the exact reason I wanted to learn here and this was the kind of experience I’d hoped for.

Ruairi MacDonald (he/him)

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

In high school I was given the opportunity to help co-write, co-direct and act in our original school play, which was titled Blackout.

Tirion Jones (she/her)

Tirion is a fourth-year BFA Acting student at UBC. A dual citizen of Canada and Britain, Tirion’s UK credits include Maria (The Sound of Music) and Estelle (No Exit). At UBC, her credits include: Woman (Oh, the Humanity!), Young Woman 1 (Machinal) and Coriolanus (Coriolanus).

What was one of the highlights of your UBC experience?

I have so many highlights, it’s incredibly hard to choose, but if I had to pick, being offered the amazing opportunity to play Coriolanus in my final show at UBC. Being a huge fan of Shakespeare it was transformative to take on this demanding role.