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Cinephile is a peer-reviewed journal edited by graduate students in the Cinema Studies program at UBC. The journal aims to provide a forum to discuss aspects of film theory, history and criticism. The secondary goal is to share research papers, book reviews, and reports that engage with debates appropriate to film, media and cultural studies.


The collection forms the basis of UBC’s courses in Cinema Studies. It is widely used across the Faculty of Arts, and increasingly being discovered by those simply seeking to increase their understanding and enjoyment of film. 

The Visual Resources Centre is the best resource for anyone seeking to increase their understanding and enjoyment of film. As a joint venture between the Departments of Theatre & Film, Art History and Visual Art & Theory, the Visual Resources Centre houses large collections for films, books, periodicals and videomatica. 

This resource is available to all UBC students however some restrictions apply: 

  • Film graduate students may borrow any movie, except those held on reserve for a class screening. 
  • Undergraduates may screen films at any of the Centre’s viewing station. Advanced booking is recommended. 

For more information on booking times, please contact Dmitri Lennikov. 


Visual Resources Centre
206 – 6333 Memorial Road
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2 

Film Collection 

The Visual Resources Centre houses over 10,000 films in its collection in various formats including DVD, videocassette, laserdisc and 16mm film. From an 1895 film of a baby having breakfast to Atom Egoyan’s erotic thriller Chloe, from short films by UBC students to documentaries about filmmaking, the environment and world architecture, the collection has something of everything – and is adding more every day. 

With movies from thirty-eight countries from around the world and with a special interest in the motion pictures of Canada (one-fifth of the films are Canadian), this collection offers a unique viewing and study service for students and faculty from across the campus. 


Book Collection 

In addition to our large Film Collection, our Book Collection is the perfect supplement for those looking at getting more details and behind-the-scenes information on specific films and film history. 


Periodical Collection 

The Visual Resource Centre also has an extensive Periodical Collection. 


Videomatica Collection 

UBC is proud to house over 30,000 films from the Videomatica collection in an effort to assist the preservation of films and film education in Vancouver. Originally founded in 1983 by UBC Theatre and Film alumni, Graham Peat and Brian Bosworth, Videomatica grew to become one of the city’s most beloved and well-known independent video rental institutions. 

In 2011, the store was forced to close down leaving Peat and Bosworth uncertain with where the collection would live. However, thanks to philanthropist Yosef Wosk, the collection was able to find a new home at UBC. 

The Videomatica collection is unparalleled in its selection, featuring titles that are as diverse as they are extensive. Obscure and difficult to find Canadian films, foreign exports from across the globe and many selections from the Vancouver International Film Festival all now sit together at UBC. It is no wonder that Videomatica was often touted as having the best selection of film titles in the country. 

The Department of Theatre and Film at UBC, along with the Visual Resources Centre, are dedicated to the preservation of the Videomatica collection. We hope that the collection will continue to inspire an interest in film as well as provide the city with an invaluable resource.