If you have any questions regarding your graduate program and your time at UBC, please contact your supervisor and/or your respective program advisor directly.

  • There is no part-time PhD.
  • Candidates will normally be required to spend a minimum of two winter sessions at the University.
  • Language requirements exams may be taken off-site with approval from the Graduate Committee.
  • Students are encouraged to complete their comprehensive exams within the first two or two and one-half years in the program. Comprehensive exams must be completed by the end of the students’ third year.
  • Doctoral candidates must complete their programme within six years after their initial registration.
  • Under exceptional circumstances, leaves of absence and/or extension of up to one year may be granted.
  • All students are required to register in successive years of their candidacy. A student who fails to register as required will forfeit their candidacy.

Graduate Advisors

Mila Zuo
MA and PhD Cinema and Media Studies Advisor*
*Please contact Mia Faircloth for information regarding the Cinema & Media Studies MA and PhD programs.

Christine Evans
Cinephile Faculty Advisor

Siyuan Liu
MA and PhD Theatre Studies Program Advisor

Sharon McGowan
MFA Film Production & Creative Writing Advisor

Mia Faircloth
Film production MFA/Film Production & Creative Writing MFA Graduate Administrator
Cinema & Media Studies Graduate Administrator

Patrick Rizzotti
MFA Design and Production Advisor

Shannon Walsh (on leave)
MFA Film Production Advisor

Igor Drljaca
MFA Film Production Advisor 

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