If you have any questions regarding your graduate program and your time at UBC, please contact your supervisor and/or your respective program advisor directly.

  • There is no part-time PhD.
  • Candidates will normally be required to spend a minimum of two winter sessions at the University.
  • Language requirements exams may be taken off-site with approval from the Graduate Committee.
  • Students are encouraged to complete their comprehensive exams within the first two or two and one-half years in the program. Comprehensive exams must be completed by the end of the students’ third year.
  • Doctoral candidates must complete their programme within six years after their initial registration.
  • Under exceptional circumstances, leaves of absence and/or extension of up to one year may be granted.
  • All students are required to register in successive years of their candidacy. A student who fails to register as required will forfeit their candidacy.

Graduate Advisors

Lisa Coulthard
MA and PhD Cinema and Media Studies Advisor

Christine Evans
Cinephile Faculty Advisor

Siyuan Liu
MA and PhD Theatre Studies Program Advisor

Sharon McGowan
MFA Film Production & Creative Writing Advisor

Mia Faircloth
FIPR/ MFA Creative Writing Graduate Administrator

Patrick Rizzotti
MFA Design and Production Advisor

Shannon Walsh (on leave)
MFA Film Production Advisor

Igor Drljaca
MFA Film Production Advisor 

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