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The BFA Theatre Design and Production program prepares students for work in professional theatre or film productions as well as those looking for more advanced training in graduate school.

Program Overview

The BFA Theatre Design and Production program offers courses in set, lighting, sound and projection design. Students in this program gain practical experience while building their academic foundation in theatre history and theory.


Along with their courses, students in the BFA Theatre Design and Production program are required to participate in Department productions. This allows our students to put their theory into practice as they will help plan, design and build costumes and sets for theatre and film productions.


Students new to UBC wishing to apply to the BFA Theatre Design and Production program must complete the online UBC application by January 15 as well as the required supplemental material on this page by February 15.

If you are applying directly from secondary school or transferring from another institution, you must list the Bachelor of Fine Arts Theatre Design and Production program as your first or second choice degree program in the online UBC application. Please note that applicants who list a program as the first choice will be considered before applicants who list a program as a second choice.

UBC Application Deadline

If you are new to UBC, UBC applications must be submitted by January 15.

Students interested in the BFA Theatre Design and Production program must submit supplemental material to Robert Gardiner (, the program advisor by February 15. Please complete the following:

  • A letter of intent. This should describe your interest in design and production and your goals in the program as well as university. The letter must include your student identification number and should be sent via email as a pdf.
  • A portfolio of your work. This should include any examples of artwork or graphics of your work for a theatre or film production. You should also include a resume showing your previous experience in the performing or visual arts. If your portfolio is online, please provide an accessible link for viewing.

Certificates in Theatre Design and Technology

The Department of Theatre and Film also offers a Certificate in Theatre Design and Technology to all interested students. The department offers three certificates:

  1. Technology Certificate: Beginner students can take introductory level courses before moving on to more specific areas of practical study and try level professional development.
  2. Advanced Technology Certificate: More experienced students can develop additional skills while encouraging a broader understanding of theatre history and dramaturgy.
  3. Design Certificate: Intended for experienced students or professionals who wish to extend their study at the senior undergraduate and graduate levels.
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UBC was where I discovered my love for working behind the scenes in theatre. I was able to act, design sound, build scenery, work as a Head Electrician and TD, and begin to feel my way through the world of lighting.

Mike Inwood
BFA Theatre and Film
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