2023 Wrapped THFL Edition


Hello you. It’s wrapped time! Let’s do this. (Yes…we may have borrowed this idea from a certain ahem music platform…shh…) 

2023 was a treat for all of us here in the Theatre and Film Department. No, literally, we went through 8 lbs of chocolate treats from the bowl in Cam’s office. 

Time is a construct, but we kept track anyway. 15 original films were created by film production students during 2023.  

We also produced 4 theatre productions across the year. Beckett 23, The Wolves, The Birds, and our most recent 23/24 season opener, Concord Floral. Out of 365 days, we had a show running on 43 of those. That’s about a month and a half!  

Photo by Javier Sotres.

To bring those productions to life on the stage and the screen, the costume shop spent approximately 2025 minutes in wardrobe fittings; that equates to about a day and a half. They also used approximately 41,100 metres of thread and cut 40 metres of fabric into feathers (inevitable when you have two bird-related productions within a year).  

While we’re counting, our production shop used approximately 2000 3-inch screws. We believe in reduce, reuse, and recycle, so we managed to repurpose the same 30 2x4s in various ways throughout our season. Of all our film equipment, the most requested item was an Arri one K light (1000W).  

Our Visual Resource Centre expanded its library by 74 new titles. The top 5 most requested films of the year were Happy Together, Rashomon, Rear Window, Stories We Tell, and Everything Everywhere All at Once.  

Throughout 13 programs (undergraduate and graduate!), we conducted 50 courses at various locations across the campus. Our faculty were prolific, engaging in writing books, penning journal articles, and creating artistic works. Here are a few highlights:  

Journal articles & Essays  

Book chapters 

  • Siyuan Liu (Professor, Theatre Studies) has written the chapter “The ‘Deep Realism’ of Style: From Michel Saint-Denis to Huang Zuolin” for Realisms in East Asian Performance edited by Jessica Nakamura and Katherine Saltzman-Li  
  • Hallie Marshall (Assistant Professor, Theatre Studies) speaks on ancient Greek drama in her chapter “Oresteia on Stage,” found in A Companion to Aeschylus edited by Peter Burian, Jacques Bromberg 


Creative projects

Still from Concrete Valley by Antoine Bourges

Our faculty shone in external productions: Jacqueline Firkins (Associate Professor, Design and Production) designed the costumes for the Arts Club’s Sense & Sensibility, while Patrick Rizzotti (Associate Professor of Design and Production) spearheaded the set design for the Arts Club’s Million Dollar Quartet. Leora Morris (Assistant Professor, Acting and Directing) directed a spectacular production of Adam Rapp’s The Sound Inside at Coal Mine Theatre in Toronto.  

We also celebrated faculty achievements on the big screen! Antoine Bourges’ (Assistant Professor, Film Production) film Concrete Valley, screened across theatres in Canada and Igor Drljaca’s short film The Archivists received a Vimeo staff pick.   


Our faculty, staff, and students received well-deserved accolades: 

  • Shannon Walsh (Associate Professor, Film Production) was honoured with the Governor General’s Award for Visual Arts  
  • Production Manager Borja Brown received the 2023 Dean’s Award for Staff Excellence 
  • Lisa Coulthard received the Dean of Arts Faculty Research Award 
  • Leora Morris was a recipient of a Public Humanities Fellowship for her research on theatre for babies  
  • Patrick Pennefather won the 2023 CUCCIO Collaboration Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions made by Canadian universities and their IT departments in fostering collaboration and driving innovation  
  • PhD students Stephen Oppong and Gabrielle Berry received funding through the Public Scholars Initiative to support their research  

Lastly, we bid farewell to 80 incredible THFL students who graduated this year! We’re thrilled to have shared 2023 with you and eagerly anticipate celebrating your future achievements. 

This only scratches the surface of the incredible happenings in our department this year—congratulations on a year well spent! Wishing our faculty, staff, students, and alumni a joyful holiday season!