The Wolves

This event occurs custom recurrence
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
$11.50 - $24.50

Artwork by Jonathan Wood

The Wolves

By Sarah DeLappe
Directed by Leora Morris

Squats, jumping jacks, lunges, repeat! The Wolves Junior Girls’ Soccer Team train at the air dome every Saturday morning without fail. As they warm up they chat about everything from world events to menstrual cycles, navigating the joys and complexities of being part of a pack. A finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, The Wolves is a celebration of female adolescence at its most chaotic and buoyant.


Wednesday, February 1
7:30 pm

Thursday, February 2–Saturday, February 11
7:30 pm

No performance on Monday, February 6

Talk Back 
Tuesday, February 7
Join the cast, creative team, and director for a discussion after the show

The Wolves runs approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes with no intermission


Telus Studio Theatre at The Chan
6265 Crescent Rd., Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z1, Canada

We acknowledge that the UBC Vancouver campus is situated within the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Musqueam.

Ticket Prices

Adult: $24.50 Senior: $16.50 Student: $11.50

The Wolves contains coarse language, flashing lights, loud music, and subject matter which some viewers might find challenging. For more information please email

This is a play about
fragility connection pivots connection identity discovery reality women

It leaves me asking
What team am I on? How can I champion the position I embody?/ How will these young women’s lives change and how many will be looking for change after the play ends?/ In what ways are we truly all the same?? What parts of myself am I asked to sacrifice to gain membership in any particular group?/ Where do we go from here?/ How can we make navigating adolescence easier for the next generation? Was I like these girls at that age?

My character is asking
Can I hold three things in two hands? (00)
How much good do I have to give, in order for it to be given back to me? (2)
what is it like in up there in heaven?… heaven exists right? (8)
How do I fit into the world around me? (14)
Is there such thing as “good” and “bad”? (11)
Why is there so much stress over control, when you can’t really control anything? (25)
Why do I have to make many decisions about my future at 17 years old? (7)
How can I fit in the group while still staying true to myself? (46)
What happens now? (13)

My character is listening to
D’yer Mak’er by Led Zeppelin (00)
Say Amen (Saturday Night)- Panic! At the Disco (2)
Time in a Tree (Raleigh Ritchie), Wolves (Selena Gomez) (8)
Starships by Nicki Minaj (14)
Mother Mother by Tracy Bonham - “I’m hungry, I’m dirty, I’m losing my mind… everything’s FINE” (11)
Graceland Too By Phoebe Bridgers (25)
Blonde Hair, Black Lungs by Sorority Noise (7)
Fight Song by Taylor Swift and Rachel Platten (46)
Pass the Dutchie by Musical Youth (13)

It makes me wish
...That we could see the specialized offerings we have to give more inherently…that the female bonds we make are valued more within ourselves and society..I allowed myself to enjoy the awkwardness and energy of being a girl in high school and I wish I didn’t judge the energy I had...That I played more soccer!...I didn’t spend my teenage years trying to grow up too quickly…That I would remember to hold onto my youth and curiosity more.…I could talk to my younger self and tell her that she didn’t do anything wrong.…That the world was a kinder place.
That I can be empowered as a young female 

OH and one more thing
In a world where you can be anything, be kind to yourself.
7’s favourite food is mac and cheese with fried chicken. But if you ask, it’s Greek salad with dressing on the side and a diet Coke.
“Everybody, um, do something crazy!”
There are two wolves inside of you
don’t forget to play!
People are often stronger than they appear and have faced more traumas than they voice.


Air Dayman #7

Evie Hamilton #14

Yi Ming Liu #8

Adriana McKinnon #46

Abigail Millson #25

Lauren Ordeman #13

Mathilde Shisko Soccer mom

Nicole Anne Smith #11

Caylee Watrin #00

Jasmine Flora White #2 

Leora Morris Director

Yuting Yue Asst. Director

Shivangi Singh Scenic Designer

Aaron Au, Jamie Son Asst. Scenic Designers

Brendan Lowe Lighting Designer

Taylor Wen Asst. Lighting Designer

Victoria McNeil Sound Designer

Jasmine Liu Asst. Sound Designer

Julia Chase Costume Designer

Colton Albee Asst. Costume Designer

Cat Main Stage Manager

Ben Paul Asst. Stage Manager

Lauren Semple Asst. Stage Manager

Aleks Harrison Stage Management Swing

Kathleen Baldakin Production Assistant 

Emily Chang Lighting Board Operator
Cristian Twist Sound Operator
Anjali Mandapaka Properties GAA 

Show Run Assistants
Michelle Lee, Yun Shim, Yeva Lee

Set & Props Build Crew
Grycel Tercero, Tiana Khandelwal, Amelia Wagenaar, Isabelle Barlow, Jules Sassi, Marilia Saito, Nishi Praveen Kumar, Huda Shawwash, Sophie Fougere, Mary Anne William, Aaron Au, Hana Yaguchi, Kristine Wu, Maddie Steppler, Mikka Visperas, Samantha Cheng, Jack Mosher, Tariro Motsi, Hannah Abbott

Paint Crew
Tariro Motsi, Isabelle Barlow, Victoria Moo Pak Hei, Yun Shim, Kaileigh Funnell, Aaron Au, Luella DeGeer, Nicola Erikson

Costume Run Crew
Lauren Rankin, Marília Saito

Costume Build Crew
Colton Albee, Wren-Harlow Gillespie, Marila Saito, Grycel Tercero, Lauren Rankin, Harlow Nguyen, Julia Chase

Lighting Crew
Annika Chan, Steven Chu, Fiorella Hayashidu, Freddi Li, Cooper Mortimer, Jack Mosher, Huda Shawwash, Stephanie Shih, Jaddi Sze, Julia Sassi 

Stephen Heatley Department Head

Brad Powers Technical Production Advisor

Jennifer Stewart, Emily Dotson Scenic Advisor

Lorraine West Scenic Paint Advisor

Mimi Abrahams Lighting Advisor

Mishelle Cuttler Sound Advisor

Robert Gardiner Lighting Advisor (Retired)

Christine Reimer Costume Advisor

Inga McLaughlin Stage Management Advisor 

Borja Brown Production Manager

Cam Cronin Department Administrator

Ryan Murcar, Jeremy Vreeken Scenic Technical Direction

Lynn Burton Head of Properties

Jodi Jacyk Head of Wardrobe

Erika Champion, Abby Levis Production Staff

Amy McDougall, Holly Andersen Staff Costume Support

Linda Pitt Communications Specialist

Sarah Crauder Film Program Administrator

Tony Koelwyn Audience Services Manager

Dmitri Lennikov Film Collections Coordinator

Stuart McFarlane Film Equipment Manager

Mia Faircloth Academic Administrator

Karen Tong Theatre and Film Studies Graduate Secretary

Kirsten Dougans Assistant to the Head

Bhagyashree Chatterjee Communications WorkLearn Assistant

Sophie Fougere, Madeleine Polak Costume WorkLearn Assistants

Kaileigh Funnell, Finnley O’Brien Properties WorkLearn Assistants 

Jonathan Wood Graphic Designer

Javier R. Sotres Photographer

Gracie, Lolo, Oz Mascots 

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, The Citadel Theatre, UBC Athletics, Jenny Black, Gary Bartley, Gustavo Lin, James Tait, Jesse Symons, Gerald Vanderwoude, Borja Brown, Jodi Jacyk, Jeremy Vreeken 

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