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1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die
19th Vancouver International Film Festival (2000 Program)
20th Pordenone Silent Film Festival (Program)
22nd Vancouver International Film Festival (2003 Program)
50 Classic Motion Pictures – The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of


Abstract Cinema – Citizen Kane
The Actor’s Book of Movie Monologues
The Actor’s Life: Journals, 1956-1976
America’s Favorite Movies: Behind the Scenes
American Cinema/American Culture
American Film Institute Desk Reference: The Complete Guide to Everything You Need to Know about the Movies
The American Movies Reference Book – The Sound Era
Annie Hall
Anton Wilson’s Cinema Workshop
Arabs in Hollywood: Orientalism in Film
The Art of Movie Making: Script to Screen
Australian Cinema 1970-1985
Auteur/Provocateur : The Films of Denys Arcand
The Autobiography of Cecil B. DeMille
The Autobiography of Will Rogers


Bachelor Machinery and Ballets Mecanique Ð Uncanny Gender Technologies in Tim BurtonÕs Camp-Surreal
Behind the Screen – The History and Techniques of the Motion Picture
Best Canadian Screen Plays
Bette Davis
A Bibliography of Theses and Dissertations on the Subject of Film: 1916 – 1979
Big Bad Movies – Masculinity in the American Film
The Big Tomorrow : Hollywood and the Politics of the American Way
Bollywood Cinema: Temples of Desire
Bring on the Empty Horses
British Film Music
Burt Lancaster
By Myself


Call Me Lucky
Canadian Feature Films: 1913 – 1969 – Part 2: 1941-1963
Canadian Film – Perspectives on Canadian Culture
The Canadian Film Institute’s Film Study Collection – A Catalogue of Available Films
Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre Twentieth Anniversary Catalogue 1988
Canadian Filmmakers Distribution West Catalogue 1983
Canon Busting? Approaching Contemporary Canadian Cinema
Carl Theodor Dreyer – Four Screenplays
CBC / Radio-Canada Annual Report 2002-2003
CBC / Radio-Canada Annual Report 2003-2004
Cecil Beaton’s Fair lady.
The Celluloid Muse – Hollywood Directors Speak
Censored – The Private Life of the Movies
Changing (Liv Ullmann)
Children and Movies
Children in the Cinema
Children of Paradise – a Film by Marcel Carne
Cinema as Art
Cinema Italiano delle Gli Amblanti Origini
The Cinema of Alfred Hitchcock
The Cinema of Carl Dreyer
The Cinema of Eisenstein
The Cinema of Wim Wenders: From Paris France to Paris Texas
The Cinematographer’s Test – 24pDV
The Citizen Kane Book
Clark Gable
Closed Circuits: The Sellout of Canadian Television
The Colonized Eye: Rethinking the Grierson Legend
The Community and the Motion Picture
A Concise History of the Cinema – Volume 2: Since 1940
The Craft of the Screenwriter
CSC 2004 Directory


Dal Dott. Calligari a Lola-Lola
The Dark Side of Genius: The Life of Alfred Hitchcock
Day for Night
Deeper into Movies
Dictionary of Film Makers
Dictionnaire di CinŽma Universel
Documents in Canadian Film
Donald Brittain – Never the Ordinary Way
Double Exposure: Fiction into Film
The Dress Doctor


Economic Control of the Motion Picture Industry – A Study in Industrial Organization
Electronic Moviemaking
Elements of Film (first edition)
Elements of Film (second edition)
The Emergence of Film
Experimental Cinema 1930-1934
Exploring the Color Image
Eyes Wide Shut


The Faber Companion to Foreign Films
Feature Film Finance Seminar 1979
Femme Fatal: A Recruitment Manifestation of Patriachial Fears, The
The Film – Its Economic, Social, and Artistic Problems
Film 1966
The Film Actor: Acting for Motion Picture and Television
Film and Literature
Film Art: an introduction (third edition)
Film Art: An Introduction (seventh edition)
Film as Art
Film as Social Practice
Film Canadiana – The Canadian Film Institute Yearbook of Canadian Cinema 1977-78
Film Canadiana 1980-1982
Film Canadiana Volume 1 1969-1970
The Film Career of Alain Robbe-Grillet
Film Costume – An Annotated Bibliography
Film Criticism: An Index to Critics’ Anthologies
Film Directing, Cinematic Motion: A Workshop for Staging Scenes
The Film Encyclopedia
The Film Experience – Elements of Motion Picture Art
Film Genre: Theory and Criticism
The Film Index – A Bibliography – Volume 1 – The Film as Art
Film Music (Screencraft)
Film Scenes for Actors
Film Scenes for Actors, Volume II
Film Technique and Film Acting
Film Theory and Criticism: Introductory Readings (fouth edition)
The Film Till Now – A Survey of World Cinema
The Film User’s Guide to Canadian Short Films Volume 1
Filmarama – Volume I – The Formidable Years, 1893-1919
Filmarama – Volume II – The Flaming Years, 1920-1929
Filmfest Munchen (1988)
The Filmgoer’s Campanion (fourth Edition)
The Filmgoer’s Companion – From Nickelodeon to New Wave
Filmguide to Odd Man Out
The Filmmaker’s Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age
Films in the Third Reich – A Study of the German Cinema 1933-1945
The Films of Cecille B. DeMille
The Films of D. W. Griffith
Films of the Year 1955-56
The First Colour Motion Pictures
Five Screenplays (Harold Pinter)
Flashback: A Brief History of Film
Flim Flam: Essays on Hollywood
Focus on Blow-up
Focus on Citizen Kane
Focus on D.W. Griffith
Fotonovel: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Four Films of Woody Allen: Annie Hall, Interiors, Manhattan, Stardust Memories
Fox That Got Away: The Last Days of the Zanuck Dynasty at Twentieth Century-Fox
French Cinema Since 1946 – Volume One: The Great Tradition


George S. Kaufman – An Intimate Portrait
Glossary of Film Terms
The Godfather Journal
Griffith and the Rise of Hollywood
The Griffith Project: Films Produced in 1911
Group Film Making


Halliwell’s Film Guide (sixth edition)
Halliwell’s Filmgoer’s Companion (ninth edition)
Halliwell’s Filmgoer’s Companion (tenth edition)
The Handbook of Canadian Cinema (first edition)
The Handbook of Canadian Cinema (second edition)
A Handbook of Directors
Harlow – an Intimate Biography
The Hays Office
Hello, Hollywood! – A Book About the Movies by the People Who Make Them
HereÕs Looking at You Doc: Spectatorship and Gender in the Animation of Chuck Jones
A History of the American Avant-Garde Cinema
The Hollywood Eye: What Makes Movies Work
Hollywood in the Thirties
Hollywood Rajah (Louis B. Mayer)
Hollywood’s Canada: The Americanization of Our National Image


If…. A Film by Lindsay Anderson and David Sherwin
Image and Identity: Reflections on Canadian Film and Culture
Incontri Internazionali del Cinema – Incontro con il Cinema Canadese
Index to Motion Pictures Reviewed by Variety, 1907-1980
Indian Film
Indian Films
Inner Views: Ten Canadian Film-Makers
International Film Guide 1970
The International Film Industry – Western Europe and America Since 1945 (to 1969)
Interviews with Film Directors
An Introduction to Cinematography


Japanese Movies
The Jean Harlow Story
Jim Jarmusch and the American National Cinema
John Willis’ Screen World 1962 – Volume 13
John Willis’ Screen World 1964 – Volume 15
John Willis’ Screen World 1965 – Volume 16
John Willis’ Screen World 1966 – Volume 17
John Willis’ Screen World 1967 – Volume 18
John Willis’ Screen World 1969 – Volume 20
John Willis’ Screen World 1971 – Volume 22
Judy Garland – a Biography


Kino – A History of the Russian and Soviet Film
Kiss Hollywood Goodbye


L’avventura, a Film by Michelangelo Antonioni
La Guerre est Finie
Last Year at Marienbad
Leonard Maltin’s Movie and Video Guide 1995


Making It! the Business of Film and TV in Canada
Making Our Voices Heard – Canadian Broadcasting and Film for the 21st Century
Maria Callas
The Married Woman
The McGraw-Hill Film Viewer’s Guide
The Media Monopoly
Memoirs of a Professional Cad
The Memoirs of an Amnesiac (Oscar Levant)
The Men Who Made the Movies: Interviews with Frank Capra, George Cukor, Howard Hawks, Alfred Hitchcock, Vincente Minnelli, King Vidor, Raoul Walsh, and William A. Wellman
Mexican Cinema: Reflections of a Society, 1876-1980
Michael Bolton Presents a Lifetime of Movies
Michael Todd’s Around the World in 80 Days Almanac
The Miracle of the Movies
Mondo Canuck: A Canadian Pop Culture Odyssey
Monty: A Biography of Montgomery Clift
The Morals of the Movie
More About All About Eve
Mother Goddam
The Motion Picture Industry
The Motion Picture Industry
Motion Pictures – A Study in Social Legislation
Motion Pictures and the Arts in Canada: The Business and the Law
The Movie Moguls – An Informal History of the Hollywood Tycoons
Movie Production and Budget Forms – Instantly!
Movies and Meaning: An Introduction to Film
Movies on Trial
The Moving Image – A Guide to Cinematic Literacy
The Moving Image – A Guide to Cinematic Literacy
My Last Sigh – The Autobiography of Luis Bunuel
My Left Foot
Myth of Total Vidio, The


National Film Board of Canada Film and Video Catalogue 1991
National Film Board of Canada Film and Video Catalogue 1984/85
National Film Board of Canada Resource Catalogue 2004-2005
New Challenges for Documentary
New Courts of Industry: Self-Regulation Under the Motion Picture Cose
A Night at the Opera
Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used To Be (Simone Signoret)
Notes (Apocalypse Now)
Notes on a Cowardly Lion (Bert Lahr)


On Directing Film
On Making a Movie: Brewster McCloud
On Reflection – an Autobiography
An Open Book
Origins and Uses of Love in the Cinema of Francois Truffaut, The
The Origins of the Motion Picture
Oscar Micheaux and His Circle: African-American Filmmaking and Race Cinema of the Silent Era
Outlaw Couple Film: From World War Two to the Present, The


A Picture History of the Cinema
Please Don’t Shoot My Dog – The Autobiography of Jackie Cooper
A Primer for Film-Making – A Complete Guide to 16mm and 35mm Film Production
Produced and Abandoned: The Best Films You’ve Never Seen
The Public and the Motion Picture Industry
The Public Relations of the Motion Picture Industry




Rashomon Ð a film by Akira Kurosawa
The Real Tinsel
Reel Power: The Struggle for Influence and Success in the New Hollywood
Reel West 2004
Retrospective Index to Film Periodicals 1930-1971
The Returning
” Robert Morley “”Responsible Gentleman”””
Roger Ebert’s Video Companion 1995
Roger Vadim’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses


The Screenwriter’s Workbook
Seventy Years of Cinema
A Short Guide to Writing About Film
Show Biz – From Vaude to Video
Singin’ in the Rain
Sleeping with the Hegemony: British Cinema and Hollywood in the 1990s
A Smattering of Ignorance
Sociology of Film
Sounds for Silents
Speaking Parts
The St. James Film Directors Encyclopedia
The Story of Film – by Leaders of the Industry…
Student Filmmaker’s Handbook
Sunshine and Shadow (Mary Pickford)
Swedish Films
Sweetheart – The Story of Mary Pickford
Switching on to the Environment


The Technique of Documentary Film Production
Telecomunications and Canada – Consultative Committee on the Implications of Telecommunications for Canadian Sovereignity
Television Producing & Directing
Telling It: Story and Script Development for Canadian Film and Television
That Unbearable Recurring Apocalyptic Nightmare: Crisis and Apocalyptic Visions in British Film, 1987-1994
A Title Guide to the Talkies (A to L)
A Title Guide to the Talkies (M to Z)
TLA Film, Video, and DVD Guide 2002-2003: The Discerning Film Lover’s Guide
Torn Sprockets: The Uncertain Projection of the Canadian Film
Truth and Death of Indexicality, Photography, Philosophy and Cinema




Video Production Handbook
Videohound’s Golden Movie Retriever, 1993
The Virgin Film Guide
Vivien Leigh – A Biography
Voices of Film Experience: 1894 to the Present


Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs & the Making of the Classic Film
We’re No Angels
Weird Sex & Snowshoes and Other Canadian Film Phenomena
The Western – From Silents to Cinerama
What Is Cinema (Volume I)
What Is Cinema? (Volume II)
What Is CinŽma VŽritŽ?
What’s Wrong with the Movies?
When I was Young (Raymond Massey)
Who’s Who in Canadian Film and Television 1989 / Qui Est Qui Au Cinema et a la Television Au Canada 1989
Who’s Who in Canadian Film and Television 2000 / Qui Est Qui au Cinema et a la Television Au Canada 2000
WomenÕs Film, the New WoemnÕs Cinema, and the WomenÕs Buddy Film, The
The Work of the Motion Picture Cameraman
Working Actors: The Craft of Television, Film, and Stage Performance
World Cinema 4: Ireland
World-wide Influences of the Cinema


Xaver Schwarzenberger Interview


Yes, I Can – The Story of Sammy Davis Jr.


Zavattini – Sequences from a Cinematic Life