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BA Film Studies Advisor:  Christine Evans

Students planning to graduate in May should contact the BA Studies Advisor by mid October.

Vancouver is the home of ‘Hollywood-North’ but it is also a beacon for the appreciation and scholarly study of cinema. UBC’s Department of Theatre and Film offers a BA Honours, Major and Minor program in Film Studies; the program currently comprises 30-40 students. This is a two-year program that generally starts at the beginning of your third year at UBC. Over the course of those two years you can study a full range of topics that covers most of the world’s cinema movements and periods.

We’re looking for students with a keen interest and critical mind for the screen arts, who want to join a thriving community of students and scholars.

Inside our brochure is an overview of courses and requirements.

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Moving pictures dominate today’s world. Whether accessed via the internet, home media systems, or the traditional theatre, the reach of the moving picture industry is truly global, and its impacts are felt on every level: locally, nationally, and internationally. The study of moving images provides a major way of thinking about our approach to reality. In this context, it is essential to analyze film forms, theories, aesthetics, receptions, and policies and to thoroughly understand cinema in relation to history and culture.

In our BA in Film Studies and Masters and PhD in Cinema and Media Studies programs, our mission is to educate students in the diversity of cinematic practices, and in their historical and contemporary formats. We aim to provide a supportive environment in which students can discuss the role that moving pictures play in various societies, and how they mediate our perceptions of the world. Our aim is to teach students in a liberal arts context that will help to prepare them for a wide range of careers, including teaching, curating, policy-making, programming and distribution, preservation, filmmaking, writing, consulting, and arts administration.

UBC Vancouver is a remarkable place to study film. In addition to the resources of the university, we benefit from the fact that the Vancouver region has the largest film industry activity in Canada, popularly known as “Hollywood North”. The city also hosts several high-profile festivals and dedicated institutions that program independent international and Canadian cinema.

The Film Studies Faculty members are renowned experts in the various specialties of film studies. They are actively engaged in researching and publishing on cinema in its diverse forms. They chair academic conferences, and they maintain a public profile as intellectuals concerned with the heritage and future of moving pictures. Their dedication provides a stimulating intellectual environment for students.

The Film Studies faculty founded and operates The Centre for Cinema and Media Studies at UBC, which aims to advance the scholarly study of film and film culture. Graduate students in the MA in Film Studies Program edit and publish a free journal of film studies, entitled Cinephile. Our Visual Resources Centre houses over 5,000 film titles in various formats, and is an essential research resource for students and faculty.

Our Mission with the undergraduate BA Honours, Major and Minor in Film Studies is to educate students in the diversity of World Cinema and in the diversity of cinematic aesthetic practices. We aim to provide a supportive environment in which students can discuss the role that films play in our culture, how they reflect and shape political and social perceptions. Our program views films as aesthetic, cultural, political and social constructs that require context and commentary.

Specific Objectives of the Honours, Major and Minor

  1. To learn how to analyze a film both in content and form.
  2. To be exposed to cinematic traditions in Asia, Europe and North America
  3. To be conversant with Canadian film history and criticism
  4. To be able to write extended essays on cinematic topics
  5. To be capable of understanding the major film theories
  6. To gain practice in seminars of speaking publicly on film issues
  7. To encourage students to write reviews and essays for the media

Please download the BA Film Studies Honours, Major and Minor application form.

Completed applications may be submitted in person or by post. We are unable to accept fax or email submissions. The deadline for application is May 7, 2019.

Please note: If you are not currently enrolled as a student at UBC you must make a general application for admission before submitting your application to Film Studies. See for details. The deadline for general application to UBC is January 15.

Please submit application to:

BA Film Studies Program
Department of Theatre and Film
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