UBC Theatre & Film Prof and Director Igor Drljača, dives into the unknown with his new film, “Tabija (The White Fortress)”.

Still from Igor Drljača's film, "Tabija (The White Fortress)"

Still from Igor Drljača’s film, “Tabija (The White Fortress)”

Congratulations to director and UBC Theatre & Film faculty member Igor Drljača, whose feature film Tabija (The White Fortress) will have its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival (Generation 14Plus competition) in March 2021!

UBC Theatre & Film Prof and Director Igor Drljača

UBC Theatre & Film Prof and Director, Igor Drljača

In Tabija (The White Fortress), director Igor Drljača portrays the life of a young man in Sarajevo in all its light and dark facets. A film that can be read as a love story, as a mystery thriller, as a social drama or as a fairy tale and thereby, in its very own, captivating atmosphere, travels far beyond any particular genre.

In the rundown Sarajevo suburb of Alipasino Polje, Faruk is an orphan who lives with his ill grandmother and spends his days foraging for scrap metal and dabbling in petty crime. One day he meets Mona, a timid teen from a politically powerful and affluent family. As Mona dreams of escaping the overbearing toxicity of her home life, she seeks refuge and opens herself up to Faruk, a boy from a world entirely different than her own.

What could be a beautiful fairy tale for some – boy meets girl – could also be the beginning of a horror film for Faruk. The young man is crushed between the dark world of his criminal cousins in Sarajevo and the discovery of love. The film powerfully visualises and contrasts a harshness and tenderness experienced and dreamed.

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