BECKETT 19: or some such semblance directed by Gerald Vanderwoude.

BECKETT 19: or some such semblance directed by Gerald Vanderwoude, Sept 25 – 28, 2019, 7:30 pm, Frederic Wood Theatre

Gerald Vanderwoude directs BECKETT 19: or some such semblance with Beverly Bardal, Deb Pickman, Joe Procyk, Cam Cronin, Chris Humphreys, and Norman Young. Beckett 19’s plays: Not I, Act Without Words Part I, A Film with Norman Young, Biddies in a Boat.

The 21st annual UBC Theatre Alumni Fundraising Event, supporting the Peter Loeffler Memorial Prize, which goes to an undergraduate student majoring in Theatre, Beckett 19: or some such semblance showcases four pieces from Beckett’s oeuvre that challenge, delight, and inspire. Come for the theatre and stay afterwards for the cake, the bubbly, and the always spirited discussion!

IN BRIEFBECKETT 19: or some such semblance by Samuel Beckett, Directed by Gerald Vanderwoude

SINGLE TICKETS: Adults: $15, Students: $10.

VENUE: Frederic Wood Theatre, 6354 Crescent Rd.

BOX OFFICE: 604.822.2678 or or


Media Contact:, Office: 604.822.3723

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