A NEW Course, Collaborative Prototyping, Available in Winter Term for EVERYONE at UBC!

Collaborative Prototyping taught by Professor Patrick Parra Pennefather in term 2 (January 4, 2021 to April 8, 2021): Drawing from a number of improvisational traditions, learners can expect to practice activities and work on short term projects in groups. In-class and remote activities aim to support collaborative design skills and processes.

Co-constructing projects with others at a distance creates the conditions for improvised behaviour and actions to occur, regardless of discipline or industry in arts, medicine, engineering, journalism, computer science, business etc.  Improvisation is demanded when interdisciplinary and multi-cultural teams develop ideas, solve problems and propose solutions together. Spontaneous responses are required when dealing with unanticipated collaborative, design, and management.

Course Characteristics

*Students Learn-by-doing. A short amount of time is devoted to lecturing and students will engage in both synchronous and asynchronous activities that consist of exercises drawn from comedy improv, music improvisation, visual design, and theatre improvisation.

*Each class is workshop-oriented integrating synchronous

brainstorming via Zoom and web-based brainstorming

platforms (Miro, Canvanizer).

*There are readings assigned each week and reading

prompts via Canvas to encourage the unpacking of ideas and

concepts related to content covered in the course.

Team Projects

Depiction of the types of team project activities that necessitate improvised actions:

  • Drawing from a number of improvisational traditions like improv comedy, visual art, theatre, music and clown, learners can expect short lectures with an emphasis placed on facilitated synchronous activities using specific collaborative online tools.
  • Lessons and activities will support the creation of short term projects and one larger term group-based project like a music video, interactive application, something in VR, or wherever your imagination will take you.
  • Activities are fun, useful, quick and engaging and aim to support the improvement of collaborative design skills, iterative prototyping and agile project management processes.

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