POV Film Festival

The Persistence of Vision Film Festival (POV) was founded in 1989 by director Lynne Stopkewich (Kissed, Suspicious River, The L-Word) and producer Stephen Hegyes (Brightlight Pictures). Both UBC Film Production students, they created the festival as a way of showcasing work produced in the program over the course of the year. Over the lasttwenty six years, POV has served as a launching ground for the careers of many of Canada’s top filmmakers, including Mina Shum (Double Happiness), Bruce Sweeney (Excited), James Liston (Severed), Julian Clarke (District 9), Greg Middleton (Passchendaele), Gwen Haworth (She’s a Boy I Knew), Nimisha Mukerji and Philip Lyall (65_RedRoses).

Congratulations to ALL the participants of POV: UBC Film Festival.

Here are the winners of POV27:

  • Best 3rd Year Film – Unravel
  • Best 3rd Year Director – Colin Williams (Methodic)
  • Best 3rd Year Writing – Linnea Ritland (Violet and June)
  • Best 3rd Year Cinematography – Tim Saylor (Methodic)
  • Best 3rd Year Production Design – Court Verwold (Violet and June)
  • Best 3rd Year Editing – Colin Williams (Methodic)
  • Best 3rd Year Sound Design – Unravel
  • Best 3rd Year Score – The Roundhouse
  • Best Actor – Patrick Dodd
  • Best Actress – Unravel
  • Best 4th Year Film – La Mariposa
  • Best 4th Year Director – Andy Alvarez (La Mariposa)
  • Best 4th Year Writing – Mintie Pardoe, Chloe Rose, Farhad Ghaderi (The Good Fight)
  • Best 4th Year Cinematography – Farhad Ghaderi (The Good Fight)
  • Best 4th Year Production Design – Kaayla Whachell, Ben Plante (The Good Fight)
  • Best 4th Year Editing – Martin Calvo, Ali Ajmeri (The Firm)
  • Best 4th Year Sound Design – Daniel Kaga, Here There Be Tygers
  • Best 4th Year Score – Martin Calvo (The Firm)
  • Best Actor – Noah Dennis (The Wages)
  • Best Actress – Jessica Parsons (The Good Fight)

Visit the POV website: https://pov27filmfestival.squarespace.com