Wei Hai Min and Her Personas: Jingju in Our Time

Friday November 10, 2023
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Wei Hai Min portrays Consort Yang in The Drunken Beauty; photo by Nicholas Fan

Wei Hai Min is a prominent award-winning jingju actress from Taiwan. Jingju, or Beijing opera, the best-known genre of Chinese opera, is a form of classical Chinese theatre that integrates singing, speaking, dancing, and acrobatics. In this lecture, Wei Hai Min will share her knowledge and expertise of jingju, and her negotiation between traditional training and daring experimentations. The lecture will also include a series of demonstrations—the aria and movements from The Drunken Concubine, a masterpiece perfected by Mei Lanfang, speech and movement as Lady Macbeth from The Kingdom of Desire (Macbeth), and an aria from Medea to demonstrate her amazing vocal virtuosity.

Wei Hai Min, a child prodigy, started her training in Taiwan at an early age and became a star actor for the National GuoGuang Opera Company; she later studied under Mei Baojiu, the son of Mei Lanfang and heir of Mei School acting. Wei is among the most distinguished Mei School actors in the Sinophone world today. Wei has also devoted herself to jingju innovation in Taiwan since the 1980s. She has collaborated with Taiwan’s Contemporary Legend Theater and other groups, as well as renowned directors such as Richard Schechner (Oresteia, 1995) and Robert Wilson (Orlando, 2009).

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The event is co-sponsored by the Asian Cultural Council.