The Parliament of the Birds

This event occurs custom recurrence
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
$11.50 - $24.50

Artwork by Jonathan Wood

Winter Weather: Please refer to UBC’s Campus Notifications to check if the campus is open. If the campus is open then we will proceed with the evening’s performance.

The Parliament of the Birds

by Guillermo Verdecchia, adapted from Farid ud-Din Attar’s poem
Directed by Camyar Chaichian

Adapted from the 12th-century Sufi poem and reimagined for our current times, The Parliament of the Birds tells the story of a group of birds who have been gathered by the mysterious hoopoe. Longing for understanding in a troubled world, the birds embark on an epic journey in search of enlightenment and truth. Universal characters are brought to life in this ensemble piece filled with hope, reminding us that we are all inextricably connected.


Thursday, November 24–Saturday, December 3
7:30 pm

No performance on Monday, November 28

Talk Back 
Tuesday, November 29
After the show

The Parliament of the Birds runs approx. 1 hour and 40 minutes with no intermission


Frederic Wood Theatre
6354 Crescent Rd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2

We acknowledge that the UBC Vancouver campus is situated within the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Musqueam.

Ticket Prices

Adult: $24.50 Senior: $16.50 Student: $11.50

Today’s global consciousness can be overwhelming and, at times, hopeless. Social systems that used to serve as anchors are hindered by a capricious economy, culture wars, military aggression, climate change crisis, pandemics and more. The anger we feel and the inequity we see are fuelled in part by the cynically designed polarization of anti-social media and runaway algorithms. All this, with seemingly few leaders in sight who are pure hearted and courageous enough to pull us out of the darkness. Not entirely unlike today, over 800 years ago, the mystic poet, Attar, also lived in a world rife with tribal warfare, imperial aggression, and existential anxiety. A Sufi, his path was to believe, unwaveringly, that the only route to being at peace, was to find unity through Love. In this contemporary Canadian adaptation, Guillermo Verdecchia focusses his sharp lens on the despair of our current world and offers an unashamedly idealistic salve for our hearts in the form of a theatrical journey that reminds us, as we sit and breathe together in the theatre, that we are all inextricably linked. 

Gratitude to the delightful cast, designers and crew who buoyed our spirits while, each rehearsal, I could not quiet my heartache and awe for the young in Iran who are risking life and limb to fulfill their dream of having the freedoms we enjoy. Zan, Zendegi, Azadi/Woman, Life, Freedom. 

—Camyar Chaichian, Director


Christian Billet Archer King, Slave 2, Hermit, Old One, Traveller, Border Patrol, Herald, Brother 

Air Dayman Pigeon, Monk 

Sera Jorgensen Crow 

Adriana McKinnon Sparrow, Servant, Slave 1 

Kristi McQuade Hoopoe 

Lauren Ordeman Falcon 

Nicole-Anne Smith Duck, Queen 

Peihwen Tai Parrot 

Caylee Watrin Nightingale, Princess, Bat, Walker, Astrologer, Joseph 

Jasmine White Cardinal, Moth

Camyar Chaichian Director 

Parmiss Sehat Asst. Director 

Jasmine Liu Scenic Designer 

Taylor Wen Asst. Scenic Designer 

Ben Paul Lighting Designer 

Hayashida Kuniyoshi Asst. Lighting Designer 

Brendan Lowe Sound Designer 

Victoria McNeil Asst. Sound Designer 

Muleba Chailunga Costume Designer 

Victoria Moo Asst. Costume Designer 

Midori O’Connor Stage Manager 

Finnley O’Brien Asst. Stage Manager 

Yuting Yue Asst. Stage Manager 

Harlow Nguyen Stage Management Swing 

Kathleen Baldakin Production Assistant 

Ariana Barer Intimacy Coach 

Shaliya Ma Lighting Board Operator 

Victoria McNeil Sound Operator 

Isabelle Barlow Head Scenic Painter 

Tariro Motsi Asst. Scenic Painter 

Set Run Crew

Annika Chan, Vincie Lin 

Costume Run Crew

Rachel Chan, David Siu, Stephanie Shih 

Set & Props Crew

Grycel Tercero, Tiana Khandelwal, Amelia Wagenaar, Isabelle Barlow, Jules Sassi, Marilia Saito, Nishi Praveen Kumar, Huda Shawwash, Sophie Fougere, Mary Anne William, Aaron Au, Hana Yaguchi, Kristine Wu, Maddie Steppler, Mikka Visperas, Samantha Cheng, Jack Mosher, Tariro Motsi, Hannah Abbott 

Paint Crew

Aaron Au, Luella DeGeer, Nyssa Estrella, Kaileigh Funnel, Michelle Lee, Victoria Moo Pak Hei, Yun Shim, David Siu, Nina Yu 

Lighting Crew

Aaron Au, Annika Chan, Freddi Li, Jasmine Liu, Jack Mosher, Jaddi Sze, Holly Theobold, Yun Shim, Julia Sassi 

Costume Shop Crew

Julia Chase, Colton Albee, Wren-Harlow Gillepsie, Marília Saito, Grycel Tercero, Lauren Rankin, Harlow Nguyen, Elly Ich 

Stephen Heatley Department Head 

Jennifer Stewart Scenic Advisor 

Brad Powers Technical Production Advisor 

Lorraine West Scenic Paint Advisor 

Robert Gardiner Lighting Advisor 

Patrick Pennefather Sound Advisor 

Christine Reimer Costume Advisor 

Inga McLaughlin Stage Management Advisor 

Kunji Ikeda Movement Coach 

Tanya Elchuk Voice Coach 

Borja Brown Production Manager 

Cam Cronin Department Administrator 

Ryan Murcar Scenic Technical Direction 

Lynn Burton Head of Properties 

Jodi Jacyk Head of Wardrobe 

Erika Champion, Abby Levis, Jeremy Vreeken Production Staff 

Amy McDougall, Holly Andersen Staff Costume Support 

Linda Pitt Communications Specialist 

Sarah Crauder Film Program Administrator 

Tony Koelwyn Audience Services Manager 

Dmitri Lennikov Film Collections Coordinator 

Stuart McFarlane Film Equipment Manager 

Mia Faircloth Academic Administrator 

Karen Tong Theatre and Film Studies Graduate Secretary 

Kirsten Dougans Assistant to the Head 

Bhagyashree Chatterjee Communications Assistant 

Sophie Fougere, Madeleine Polak Costume WorkLearn Assistants 

Kayleigh Funnell, Finley O’Brien Properties WorkLearn Assistants 

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