The Last Jubilee

Friday July 9, 2021 - Sunday August 8, 2021

The Last Jubilee set with actors onstage. Photo credit: Javier Sotres

The Last Jubilee

Directed by MFA Director Omar Muñoz

The Last Jubilee follows the story of a group of artists in a society overrun by A.I., surveillance and policing, and where art has been deemed a threat and made illegal. This group of artists, who call themselves The Jubilee, gathers every week to make art in secret. This week, things end up looking a little different.

Join us on July 9 at 7:00 p.m. PDT, for the premiere of The Last Jubilee. If you’ve been missing the arts, then this is the show for you!

As we all know, in the last year the world has experienced what for many will always be remembered as a traumatic episode. The COVID-19 pandemic struck and transformed the world we lived in into something we could barely recognize. A world in which isolation and paranoia from an invisible enemy were the norm. Artists around the world lost their jobs and in countries where government support was not an option, the economic hardship pushed our colleagues into unknown territories to survive. The Last Jubilee was born in response to the frustration of having our livelihood been taken away from us and of having become non-essential individuals in the eyes of society. In this show, we extrapolate the reality we were experiencing and place the action in a dystopian future where art has been definitely banned by a technology-driven political party. We pose questions not only about the nature of theatre, but also about the place art holds in society. We invite you to explore these questionings to the beat of what we have named a cabaret-thriller, entirely created by UBC folks in COVID-19 times.

I would like to close with a quote that did not make it to the final version of our script, in the hope that it strengthens the hearts of every artist who has been affected during this pandemic.

“Art is everywhere. There is art in the forests and in the seas. You can hear it in the humming of the night and see it in the colours of spring. Art is everywhere for those who want to see it. And we choose to see it. This is a revolution, and it starts here.”

- Omar Muñoz, Director


Director – Omar Muñoz

Stage Manager – Rachel Wong

Assistant Stage Managers – Caroline Tang & Elyse Wall

Set Designer – Jennifer Stewart

Assistant Set Designer – Vivek Sodal

Lighting Designers – Mikaela Joy Kawaley-Lathan & Zac Labrie

Lighting Programmer / Lighting Board Operator – Brendan Lowe

Sound Designer – Shiori Hatamoto

Composers – Alain Tahir & Holly Collis Handford

Choreographers – Chantal Gering & Erin Purghart

Editor – Alain Tahir

Camera Operators – Omar Muñoz, Chantal Gering & Erin Purghart

Assistant Production Manager – Catt Main

Claire – Shannon Poole

Diego – Omar Muñoz

Hail – Holly Collis Handford

Levi – Erin Purghart

Sal – Chantal Dobles Gering 

Simon – Alain Tahir

Acting Department Head / Directing Advisor – Stephen Heatley

Directing Advisor – Chelsea Haberlin

Lighting Advisor – Robert Gardiner

Scenic Design Advisor – Patrick Rizzotti

Sound Advisor – Patrick Pennefather

Voice Coach – Sheila Langston

Movement Coach – Marlise McCormick 

Stage Management Advisor / C19 Safety Officer – Collette Berg

Technical Director & Scenic Painting Advisor – Lorraine West

Administrator – Cam Cronin

Production Manager – Borja Brown

Head of Properties – Lynn Burton

Head of Wardrobe – Jodi Jacyk

Lead Carpenter – Jeremy Vreeken

Lights & sound specialist – Zach Levis

Assistant to the HeadSophie Corless

Film Program AdministratorSarah Crauder

Audience Services  –  Tony Koelwyn

Visual Resource Library  –  Dmitri Lennikov

Film Equipment Manager  –  Stuart McFarlane

Academic Administrator  –  Ian Patton

Communications Specialist  –  Andrea Cheng

Technical Director Keith Smith

Theatre and Film Studies Graduate Secretary Karen Tong


Friday, July 9, 7:00 pm (premiere)
Available for streaming until August 8, 2021.


Watch on YouTube. Staged and filmed at the UBC Frederic Wood Theatre on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Musqueam people.

Free. RSVP to receive updates and reminders.


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