On leave 2014 – 2015

Rachel Talalay has worked as a director and producer in film and television for the past 20 years – in the UK, the US, and Canada. Recently she directed Wind in the Willows for the BBC, Durham County and Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures, based on the Giller Prize winning novel, for TMN/TMC/ITV.

Her eclectic credits include directing Tank Girl, Freddy’s Dead (Nightmare on Elm Street 6), and more than 50 episodes of television in the US, UK, and Canada fromAlly McBeal to Touching Evil to Without a Trace.

Her producing history is equally varied – from John Waters’ Hairspray (the original) and Cry Baby to several of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchises (parts 3 and 4). Rachel also worked as a Production Executive for New Line Cinema.

She continues to direct, write and produce, mostly for television, although has been awarded Harold Greenberg Fund selection for a feature screenplay.

Rachel earned a degree in Mathematics from Yale, where she currently serves as the BC Alumni Director.