Scholarships & Awards

THEATRE and FILM – Endowed and Annual Scholarships, Prizes and Bursaries

Please note: enquiries regarding scholarships and awards should be directed to Stephen Heatley, Chair of the UBC Theatre and Film Awards and Scholarships Committee:

Undergraduate Theatre Awards:

Jerry Wasserman Scholarship in English and Theatre – UNDERGRADUATE Scholarship:

  • A scholarship is offered annually by friends, colleagues and former students in honour of Jerry Wasserman’s 44 year career as a Professor of English and Theatre at UBC. The scholarship is given to an undergraduate student in the third or fourth year majoring in English, Theatre, or both, who has demonstrated academic excellence as well as promise in the performing arts (through practical activities such as acting, directing, dance, design, scriptwriting, etc.). Preference will be given to double majors in English and Theatre. The scholarship is made on the recommendation of the Department of English in even years, and the Department of Theatre and Film in odd years.

Unspecified discipline in theatre – UNDERGRADUATE Scholarship:

  • 01197 Jessie Richardson Scholarship – a student who has contributed generously to the season and has high marks in theatre studies.

Unspecified discipline in theatre – UNDERGRADUATE Award:

  • 01379 Kensaku Asano Memorial Award – a student who shows an unshakably positive attitude towards theatrical work (nominated by fellow students)

Technical Student – UNDERGRADUATE Scholarship:

  • 01217 Michael McQueen Scholarship – third or fourth year student in technical theatre who plans to make a career in technical theatre.

BFA Acting Student – UNDERGRADUATE Scholarship:

  • 1210 Beatrice Johnson Wood Scholarship in Theatre – BFA acting student, financial circumstances will be given consideration

BFA Acting Student – UNDERGRADUATE Award:

  • 1357 Joy Coghill Award in Theatre – Awarded to an incoming student in the BFA acting program based on talent.

Unspecified discipline in theatre – UNDERGRADUATE THEATRE Prizes:

  • 01333 Peter Loeffler Memorial Prize – An award in memory of Professor Peter Loeffler to a Theatre major.
  • 1212 Stephen Woodhouse Memorial Prize –a student majoring in any aspect of theatre who has achieved a consistently high level of excellence in Theatre courses and with the approval of the Theatre Students’ Association.

Directing – UNDERGRADUATE Theatre Prize:

  • 1151 Yvonne Firkins Prize – Given to the undergraduate student with best record in direction and staging.

Undergraduate OR Graduate Theatre Awards:

  • Neil Freeman Memorial Scholarship:  A scholarship is offered annually by Julie Stockton in memory of her husband, Neil Freeman. Professor Emeritus Neil Freeman taught in the Department of Theatre and Film from 1991 to 2006. He was renowned for his unique approach to the unlocking of Shakespearean text for young actors. Students always left his classes with a new respect for Shakespeare and new insights in how to decipher the mysteries of the Bard. His research into the First Folio and his writing on the use of these texts for the actor changed the way Shakespeare is approached by thousands of actors around the world. The scholarship is given to an undergraduate or graduate student in theatre who shows exceptional aptitude for Shakespeare or advancement of Shakespearean research. The award is made on the recommendation of the Department of Theatre and Film and, in the case of a graduate student, in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.
  • 8098 Mr and Mrs. G.E. Poole Award  – Student or students in Theatre showing financial need.
  • 1139 IODE Fine Arts Foundation Scholarship – Excellence in the field of theatre.
  • 1359 Norman Young Scholarship in Theatre – Awarded to an MFA student in design or a BFA student in Design or Production.
  • 1374 Bill Millerd Award in Theatre – Divisible to create a series of mentorships, primarily with the Arts Club Theatre Company.
  • 01394 Dream Catcher Scholarship in Theatre – an MFA or BFA student to allow them to follow their dream

Revolving Theatre Program Awards:


  • 555 Thea Koerner Memorial Scholarship – full time student leading to a degree in theatre (4 year cycle – awarded for 12W – next awarding for 16W, then 20W)
  • 1257 Faculty Women’s Club Ida Green Scholarship – a student entering third year or higher.  (4 year cycle – awarded for 13W – next awarding for 17W, then 21W)
  • 1146 Sharon Yacowar Frohlinger Memorial Scholarship – for an undergraduate, based on promise for the future and past performance.  Financial circumstance to be given consideration. (3 year cycle – awarded for 11W – next awarding for 14W, then 17W)

Undergraduate Film Production Awards:


  • 1434 Film Production Program 40th Anniversary Scholarship – Awarded to a student pursuing a BFA degree or diploma in Film Production


  • 01351 H. Norman Lidster Prize in Documentray Filmmaking
  • 01352 Freda Springate Graduation Prize for Excellence in Filmmaking

Undergraduate or Graduate Film Production Awards:

  • 1429 Fairchild Group Scholarship – Awarded in even years to Film production students who are focusing on cultural diversity and entrepreneurial leadership.  (In odd years it goes to Journalism)
  • 01399 North Shore Studios Scholarship in Film Production – an outstanding student enrolled in the BFA or MFA in Film production

Undergraduate or Graduate Film Studies Awards:

  • 03001 Mark Harris Memorial Scholarship – a 4th year BA Film Studies major or Honours student or an MA in Film Studies and who demonstrates a passion for cinema. Please visit the UBC Mark Harris Memorial page.
  • 01390 Brian McIlroy Scholarship in Film Studies – a 4th year BA Film Studies major or Honours student or an MA in Film Studies