Diploma in Film Production: How to Apply

Program Secretary: Karen Tong thtr.sec@ubc.ca

Applications for September 2020 admission to the Diploma in Film Production Program open on October 1st, 2019.

Application to the Diploma in Film Production Program requires two separate applications. All applicants must complete the online University of British Columbia Vancouver Campus application due on January 15.

Additional material, described below, is required for application to the BFA Film Production program as part of the supplemental application which is due on February 1.

You must have a UBC student number and a post-secondary undergraduate degree in order to apply.

If you don’t have a UBC student number, you must obtain one by completing a UBC application. Please see: http://you.ubc.ca/admissions/how-to-apply/

You must submit all the materials required by the UBC application, including official transcripts and test scores, to UBC Admissions. If you are or have been a UBC student, you already have a UBC student number, but you must complete the online UBC application again for the Diploma in Film Production.

Once you have completed the UBC application you must apply separately to the UBC Department of Theatre and Film for admission to the Diploma in Film Production Program. This second application will be rejected if you don’t have a UBC student number.

BFA/Diploma Film Production Supplemental Application form for September Admissions.

  • Your UBC Student Number.
  • A Statement of Intent: This statement should describe your reasons for study film production at UBC, your background in film and/or other areas you feel are relevant.
  • A portfolio of films on which you were the director: The work should reflect your creative and artistic potential, based on original ideas or adaptations in which you were creatively responsible for the content and the form. The portfolio should demonstrate the creative ability, artistic judgment and imagination of the applicant. Choose a subject that is important or meaningful to you, in any genre and on any topic. The portfolio can consist of one film or several short films or excerpts.  Generally, technical factors are overlooked as long as they do not inhibit the viewer’s ability to understand the material. The portfolio can include no more than five minutes of material. The portfolio films should be posted to Youtube, Vimeo or a private site, and you must provide a link to the site. Please note that the films must be viewable without joining any site or providing any password or information. Films uploaded to sites that request a password or require membership for viewing will not be reviewed or considered, and the application will automatically be rejected.
  • A background statement about your portfolio: This statement should include a short description of the films in your portfolio (the title, the length and a one-line plot description), what role(s) you fulfilled on each of these films and your comments on the strong and weak points of each of the films.
  • A resume of your experience in Film and other areas you consider relevant.

Admission Decisions

The Film Production Diploma program can only admit 15 – 20 students per year from the large number of applications submitted. Applicants are assessed in three broad criteria: creative and professional potential as demonstrated in the portfolio, grades in post-secondary courses, and experience in production for film or related areas. In selecting candidates for the Diploma Program, preference will be given to students with the best evidence of creative ability, however, grades and academic history will also be important. Admission is very competitive; applicants should make every effort to submit outstanding work and outstanding grades. The application review committee will review each application carefully.

Applicants will be notified of the admissions committee’s decisions by June 1. Individual assessments of applications are not provided.