Diploma students already have a Bachelors Degree in Arts, Science or Commerce. They take only the 3-year, 60-credits required for the Film Production degree.

Diploma students are part of the same classes as the Film Production BFA students . Typically, in a year, 3-5 of the 20 new students will be Diploma students.

A Diploma student typically has discovered a passion for film production after they completed their Bachelor's Degree and now wants to study in an intensive film production program.

The MFA program is for students who already have a comprehensive background in filmmaking and wish to pursue a specific creative or intellectual vision in an academic environment.

Typically an MFA applicant has professional experience or more extensive filmmaking experience. Details of this can be found on the About the MFA page.

Typically we have MFA applicants who would be better suited for the Diploma program.

If you are still unsure which to apply for, please look over the MFA FAQs page and BFA FAQs page.

The application is the same as for the BFA program. Details are on the How to Apply to the Diploma page.

Read over the suggestions on the BFA FAQs page. A solid background in Film Studies is important. Spend time putting together your portfolio, making films and gathering any professional experience available to you.

First priority goes to current UBC students, but you may ask for Departmental permission in order to gain experience and knowledge of the program. This is granted on a case by case basis.