Design and Production

The UBC Theatre Program offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Design and Production. The program prepares students for entry-level work in professional theatre or film, or for more advanced training in graduate school.

Courses and Production Work

Courses are offered in set, costume, lighting, sound, and projection design: set and costume construction, stage and production management, and other production technologies. During the first years in the program, students explore these fields through courses and participation in department productions while also taking courses outside the Theatre Program. In the final years of study students concentrate course work and practical experience in their disciplinary field.

The production program is an integral aspect of instruction in the Design and Production program, providing the essential “practical experience” content of the curriculum as well as supporting the study of theatre history and theory. The Theatre Program produces a Subscription Season of plays in the Frederic Wood and Telus Theatres and a studio season of full-length and one-act plays in the Dorothy Somerset Studio Theatre. Through these projects, students are provided with the opportunity to study and participate in the preparation and presentation of stage productions of a high professional caliber.

Student Participation in Productions

All BFA Design/Production students are required to participate in Department productions. The faculty, in consultation with the student, assigns positions of responsibility on production teams, such as designer, assistant designer, technical director, stage manager, show crew, and builder. In these roles students have the opportunity to work side by side with faculty, guest artists, professional staff, and other theatre students. Involvement in these productions is an integral part of the BFA Design and Production training program, and BA Theatre students are also encouraged to participate in this “hands-on” aspect of the Theatre.

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