Student Film Earns Audience Choice Award at VSFF

event_backward_fallCongratulations to Andrew Pollins on the success of his short film, Backward Fall which he made as a third year as a Film Production Student. The film recently won the Audience Choice Award at the Vancouver Short Film Festival, and his male lead actor John R. Taylor earned the award for Best Actor.

The latest news is that Backward Fall will be screened at the Whistler Film Festival,December 4 – 8, 2013. The film tells the story of June who is afflicted with dementia, and is falling backward through her life. As she slips in and out of her younger selves she no longer recognizes her devoted husband, George. When June’s dementia propels her to a dangerously irrational runaway attempt, George must take the backward fall with her to protect the woman he loves and keep their love alive.