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The theatre and film collection at UBC serves the needs of faculty and students in the Theatre and Film Department as well as a number of other departments across campus. These include Film and Television Studies, Stage and Screen Playwriting (Creative Writing), and Visual and Performing Arts in Education (Education).


The Visual Resources Centre, 6333 Memorial Road, UBC

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The Visual Resource Centre
Lasserre Building, Room 206
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2
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Films may be viewed in the Visual Resource Centre but can only be borrowed by UBC graduate students, faculty and staff.

To reserve a film for viewing or class use, please email the Film Collections Coordinator for the Visual Resource Centre: Dmitri Lennikov

Current Areas of Collecting:

The theatre and film selector covers dramatic literature, theatre history and criticism, history, theory, and criticism of film and television, and the production and direction of plays, film, and television. Special emphasis is on dramatic literature and the history and criticism of drama and film.

Research and Publishing Characteristics:

Both pure and applied aspects. The pure side has medium volume and medium price range, and requires a wide range of materials, including journals, monographs, film and video, retrospective materials. The applied side requires practical “how to” materials. The volume is low and the average price is medium.


Dramatic literature is in English (including translations from Western and Oriental languages) and major European languages. History and criticism of drama and film is predominantly in English with selective coverage in European languages. Practical works on stage and screen playwriting and on direction, production and stage management are predominantly in English. Videos and films have wide language coverage with English subtitles.

Geographic Origin:

Dramatic literature and the history and criticism of film: world wide. Practical works: primarily North America and Britain.

Collections in other UBC Libraries / Areas of overlap

Art + Architecture + planning Library: Design and planning of scenery; design and history of costume; theatre architecture and design.