Cult Film Professor Ernest Mathijs Publishes Analysis of Mad Max: Fury Road


Professor Ernest Mathijs’ analysis of Mad Max: Fury Road was recently published in culture studies blog, Antenna. Discussing the evolution of this cult film into its current blockbuster state, Ernest writes:

I argue, Fury Road offers, like so much of cult cinema, safe transgressions–as if passing by a car crash site with one eye on the wheel and one on the wreckage. In this short essay I hope to show that Fury Road‘s solid credentials as a cult film, which it already seems to acquire the following of even within the first few months of its release, may well help audiences reach insights more radical or revolutionary than what regular normative and conformist film fare prompt them to. But, those same cult credentials also prevent Fury Road from being recruited as a progressive film and simultaneously save it from being recuperated as only a reactionary, mindless blockbuster.

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Photo courtesy of Ray Huang/The Ubyssey.