POV 24 Film Festival

event_pov_14POV is a two-night film festival produced collectively by students of the three-year UBC Film Production Program. It is the first public premiere of their films. Students raise sponsorship interest from local businesses to provide awards in many categories. Judged by a panel of industry professionals, the winning films are announced on the second night.

There were twenty-three short films this year: sixteen from the 4th year students in the program, and seven from the 3rd year students in the program.
They featured a range of stories about friendship, betrayal, compassion and coming of age, and promise a mix of comedy and drama.

The breadth and learning experience of the films is also felt in the wide range of shooting formats; DSLR, Black Magic Cinema Camera, RED Epic and Sony FS-700 were all employed by the students. Huge kudos to all our students who fullfiled all the key technical, creative and marketing roles in bringing POV 2014 onto the screen.

More: www.povfilmfestival.com