Katrina Dunn (BFA Theatre and Dance from Simon Fraser University, MA Theatre Studies University of British Columbia)
Currently in the third year of
PhD in Theatre Studies

Katrina’s scholarly work explores the spatial manifestations of theatre.  Her current doctoral project looks at three spaces of large performance in the downtown core of Vancouver and charts how they reflect the economic flows of capital and property in the city since 1950, and how they have impacted local urban and cultural landscapes. She also researches ecocritical theatre, blue ecology, and performative contributions to the Maritime Humanities.  She has twice won the Robert G. Lawrence Prize for an Emerging Scholar from the Canadian Association for Theatre Research, is the 2017 recipient of both the Errol Durbach Graduate Scholarship and the Heather McCallum Award, and is proud to be a part of UBC’s Public Scholars Initiative. Katrina’s long career as a stage director and producer has had considerable impact on the performing arts in Vancouver and has been recognized with numerous awards.

Supervisor: Dr. Kirsty Johnston