(BA, Film Studies and Psychology, UBC)
Current studies: MA in Cinema and Media Studies
Supervisor: Dr. Lisa Coulthard

Jemma is in her second year of UBC’s MA of Cinema and Media Studies program. Her SSHRC-funded thesis considers the form and function of contemporary film trailers and paratexts in the age of social media. She is also Editor-in-Chief of UBC’s academic film journal, Cinephile.

Previously, Jemma completed her undergraduate degree at UBC with a double major in Film Studies and Psychology. While an undergraduate student at UBC, she ran a Student Directed Seminar (SDS) focusing on the ideological and social analysis of classic and contemporary Disney films. Under Dr. Christine Evan’s guidance, this class was the first SDS to be accredited by UBC’s Department of Theatre and Film.

Jemma currently works as a teaching assistant for Dr. Christine Evan’s introductory Film Studies class.