Anthonia Ujene (BA Hons. MA Theatre studies from Delta State University Abraka and the University of Ibadan Nigeria) A second-year PhD in Theatre Studies.

Anthonias’ research focus is on costume development and resistance in performance using an interculturally regulatory responsive framework. She obtained a master’s degree in traditional festival performance and cross-cultural identities in masquerade costumes in Nigerian festivals, and communal engagement in performance. Some of her creative practice includes designing costumes for the theatre production in Wole Soyinka’s Bacchae of Euripides and Opera Wonyosi as adapted for the Nigerian audience, A Dance of Death by Austin Anigala, Princess Esilokun By Enijologor Umuko and Arthur Millers’ The Crucible. She works as a Graduate Assistant at UBC and currently is an Examination Invigilator with Access and Diversity at UBC. She holds a merit award scholarship with the University of British Columbia.