Program Advisors

For admissions information please consult the individual undergraduate or graduate program page and click on “How to Apply.” Further inquiries can be made to Ian Patton, Academic Administrator (ian.patton [at]
Associate Professor, Film Studies |
Advisor, MA Cinema & Media Studies
Advisor, PhD Cinema & Media Studies
Lecturer, Film Studies
Advisor, BA Film Studies
Advisor, Cinephile Faculty
Professor, Design and Production |
Advisor, BFA Design and Production
Associate Professor, Theatre Studies
Advisor, PhD Theatre Studies Program
Advisor, MA Theatre Studies Program
Associate Professor, Acting and Directing
Advisor, MFA Directing Program
Associate Professor, Film Production
Advisor, MFA Film Production & Creative Writing
Associate Professor, Voice and Acting |
Advisor, BFA Acting (Academic)
Academic Administrator
BFA Film Production Advisor
BA Theatre Advisor
Graduate Administrator, FIPR/MFA Creative Writing
Associate Professor, Design and Production
Design and Production MFA Graduate Advisor
Parental Leave Sept. 1, 2018 (10 weeks)
Assistant Professor,
Film Production
Graduate Advisor, MFA Film Production