Administrative Staff

Film Collections Coordinator
work phone: 6048226154
Film Production Administrator
MFA Film Production and Creative Writing Administrator
phone: 6048226398
Administrator, Department of Theatre and Film
work phone: 6048222571
Professor and Head;
BFA Acting Advisor
Audience Services
work phone: 6048222678
Film Program Technician
work phone: 6048226467
Academic Administrator |
Advisor, BFA Film Production |
Advisor, BA Theatre |
Graduate Administrator, FIPR/MFA Creative Writing |
Advisor, BA Film Studies |
Academic Administrator, BFA Film Production
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
work phone: 6048223723
mobile: 6043143905
Graduate Support, Theatre Studies and Film Studies
BFA Film Production Secretary
BFA Acting Program Secretary (Theatre Production)
MFA Film Production Secretary
MFA Film Production and Creative Writing Secretary
MFA Directing Program and Graduate Secretary
MFA Design/Production Program and Graduate Secretary
BFA Acting Auditions Coordinator
work phone: 6048223880 ext:00
fax: 6048225985