Congratulations to Jerry Wasserman on being awarded the Max Wyman Award in Critical Writing

UBC Theatre and Film is proud to share that Jerry Wasserman, Emeritus Professor, Theatre Studies, has recently been awarded the Max Wyman Award in Critical Writing.

The award celebrates critical writing and commentary on the visual, performing and literary arts. Supported by philanthropist Yosef Wosk, it was established to honour the career and lifetime contributions of Vancouver author, former arts critic, and commentator Max Wyman. Affectionately known as “The Max,” it is intended to recognize writers who have amassed a significant body of work.

“Jerry Wasserman’s voice has been a steady and trusted source of information and context about the Vancouver theatre scene for decades,” said Wosk in a statement. “He treats criticism and commentary as an integral part of the cultural fabric and sees the role of the critic not as an antagonist to the performer and creator but as a collaborator. I am delighted that he is to receive this award.”

The award comes with a mentee prize as well. Jerry chose to award it to Angie Rico, an emerging writer and media artist, and a participant in Neworld Theatre’s Critical Futures program, which aims to train and uplift BIPOC theatre reviewers.

Jerry taught Theatre Studies and English at UBC for over four decades and served as the head of our department from 2007-2012. He now runs the website Congrats, Jerry!