2015 Leo Awards: Two Wins and 23 Nominations for Faculty and Alumni


Alumni and faculty from the Department of Theatre and Film were recognized with two wins and 23 nominations across nearly all categories at the 2015 Leo Awards.

This has been a big year for UBC alumnus James Gill, in particular, and his cinematography for One with the Devil. After scooping the 2014 Leo Award for Best Student Production, James went on to win the Canadian Society of Cinematographers Award for best Student Cinematography and a 2015 Leo for Best Cinematography, Short Drama.

Congrats to all our students and alumni for their incredible body of film work, this year!



Best Cinematography, Short Drama: One With The Devil – James Gill (BFA 2014)

Best Music, Comedy or Variety program, or Series: Package Deal – Alexandra Raffe (Adjunct Prof 2009)


Best Motion Picture: Two 4 One – Maureen Bradley (MFA)

Best Direction of a Motion Picture: Two 4 One – Maureen Bradley (MFA)

Best Screen Writing, Motion Picture: Two 4 One – Maureen Bradley (MFA)

Best Picture Editing, Motion Picture:
Bad City – Sabrina Pitre
Grace: The Possession – Greg Ng (BA 2005)

Best Picture Editing, Television Movie:
Grumpy Cats Worst Christmas Ever – Rafi Spivak (Adjunct Professor) Greg Ng (BA 2005)

Best Direction, Dramatic Series: The Flash – Going Rogue – Glen Winter (BA 1991)

Best Short Drama
Rattlesnake – Producer Stirling Bancroft (BFA 2012)
Not Indian Enough – Producers Lisa Genaille, Andrew Genaille, Robert Genaille, Alex Zahara (BFA)

Best Direction, Short Drama: Bedbugs: A Musical Love Story – Mathew Kowalchuk (BA 2007)

Best Screenwriting, Short Drama: Arc – Amartei Armar (BFA 2015)

Best Cinematography, Short Drama:
Arc – James Gill (BFA 2014)
Roar – Stirling Bancroft (BFA 2012)
Ship – Stirling Bancroft (BFA 2012)

Best Picture Editing, Short Drama: One With The Devil – Ian Holliday

Best Sound Editing, Short Drama: Computer Creed – Josh Havelka

Best Make-Up, Dramatic Series: Motive – Dead End, Rebecca Lee (BFA)

Best Feature-Length Documentary:
The Backward Class – Producers Madeline Grant (BA 2006) and Jessica Cheung (BA 2006)

Best Picture Editing, Documentary Program or Series:
The Backward Class – Aynsley Baldwin (BA 2006)

Best Overall Sound Documentary, Program, or Series: The Backward Class – Greg Ng (BA 2005)

Best Student Production:

  • Arc – Amartei Armar (2014), James Gill (BFA 2014)
  • Computer Creed – Producers – Josh Havelka (BFA 2014), James Gill (BFA 2014), Nova Zheng (BFA 2014)
  • Hard Card – Producers – Lucas Hrubizna (BFA 2015), Francesca Dill (BFA 2015), Tyler McGrath (BFA 2015), David Findlay (BA/BFA 2015), Patty Facy (BFA Honours 2015)

Best Web Series: Parked – Producers Siobhan McCarthy (BA Honours), Tracey Mack, Adam Thomas

Photo courtesy of the CSC.