Scholarships & Awards

THEATRE and FILM – Endowed and Annual Scholarships, Prizes and Bursaries (with 2013W values)

Please note: enquiries regarding scholarships and awards should be directed to Stephen Heatley, Chair of the UBC Theatre and Film Awards and Scholarships Committee:

Graduate Theatre Awards:

Unspecified discipline in theatre – GRADUATE Scholarship:

  • 00413 Stuart Keate Scholarship ($395)
  • 1113 Dorothy Somerset Memorial Scholarship in Theatre ($2400)

Directing – GRADUATE Theatre Scholarship:

  • 1323 John Brockington Scholarship in Theatre ($325) – MFA directing
  • 6432 Sydney J. Risk Award in Directing ($1000) – An annual award for a student entering second year of the MFA in Directing

MA or PhD – GRADUATE Theatre Scholarship:

  • 6412 Errol Durbach Graduate Scholarship in Theatre ($925) – Awarded to an MA or PhD student in theatre

Undergraduate or Graduate Theatre Awards:

  • 8098 Mr and Mrs. G.E. Poole Award ($800) – Student or students in Theatre showing financial need.
  • 1139 IODE Fine Arts Foundation Scholarship ($550)- Excellence in the field of theatre.
  • 1359 Norman Young Scholarship in Theatre ($875) – Awasded to an MFA student in design or a BFA student in Design or Production.
  • 1374 Bill Millerd Award in Theatre ($3075)– Divisible to create a series of mentorships, primarily with the Arts Club Theatre Company.
  • 01394 Dream Catcher Scholarship in Theatre ($1500) – an MFA or BFA student to allow them to follow their dream

Undergraduate or Graduate Film Production Awards:

  • 1429 Fairchild Group Scholarship ($1000) – Awarded in even years to Film production students who are focusing on cultural diversity and entrepreneurial leadership.  (In odd years it goes to Journalism)
  • 01399 North Shore Studios Scholarship in Film Production ($1000) – an outstanding student enrolled in the BFA or MFA in Film production

Undergraduate or Graduate Film Studies Award:

  • 03001 Mark Harris Memorial Scholarship ($1000) – a 4th year BA Film Studies major or Honours student or an MA in Film Studies and who demonstrates a passion for cinema. Please visit the UBC Mark Harris Memorial page.
  • 01390 Brian McIlroy Scholarship in Film Studies ($1000) – a 4th year BA Film Studies major or Honours student or an MA in Film Studies