UBC’s Got Talent! A Celebration for Professor Cathy Burnett’s Retirement.

Join us on April 18 at 7:30pm in the Frederic Wood Theatre for UBC’s Got Talent! honouring Movement Professor for the BFA Acting program, Cathy Burnett! This free show celebrates a 27-year career at UBC Theatre and Film and is a send-off for this beloved Professor’s retirement.There will be approximately sixteen acts to delight, amaze and entertain. Reception to follow.Facebook Event: https://bit.ly/2UpLUx1Here are some of the acts:* Cathy’s Crew  Performers: Alexa McKee, Carol Twoo, Claire Margaret Corlett, Dani Masiglat, Deanica Galo, Elsa Yuan, Emily Saint, Haley Lor, Hannah Dyck-CHan, Jamie Wu, Madeline Montgomery, Mikaela Joy, Minou Truong, Niki Konstantinovic* Kronic D. Precíón  Performer: Louis Lin* Strike A Pose  Performers: Tomás Balli, Cassandra Bourchier, Monica Bowman & Andrea Duarte* I’m Gay  Claire Margaret Corlett & Deanica Galo* Razzmatap  Choreographer: Jan Kainer, Performers: Mary Lynn Baum, Danielle Bradley, Brenda Bryan, Dell Catherall, Zanna Downes, Liz Fenby, Catherine LeCornu-Levett, Donna Martinson, Valerie Mignault, Lena Morissette, Fay Son-Hing, Lynette Son-Hing, Kathi Ward* Miss Saigon  Performer: Ryan Egan* Conversation with Jackie  Performer: Genevieve Guimond* We Shall Overcome  Performer: Charmaine Sibanda* And I am Telling You  Performer: Charmaine Sibanda* Fall On Me  Choreographer: Marlise McCormick, Performers: Kyle Oliver & Monica Bowman* Verschwiegene Liebe  Performer: Ava Maria Safai* Like a Rolling Stone  Performer: Cathy Burnett* This is Me  Performers: Cathy Burnett and Friends