Current BFA Film students join Film & Theatre alumni to screen at VIFF 2014

We couldn’t be more proud of our current BFA students who have films in the 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival:


HARD CARD – (Short Film – Canadian Images)

When she discovers her gallbladder is failing, the aging Barb Watt is forced to make a grim decision: pay a motel surgeon $1300 to perform a life-saving operation, or die by the end of the week. Living with her socially stunted adult son in the back of a minivan, Barb must through means of intimidation, rig a bingo game at the local community hall to rake in the cash that will keep her alive.(15 mins, DCP)

Students who brought this film to the screen are: Director: Lucas Hrubizna, Cast: Charmaine Wilson, Paul Snider, Linda Watters, Exectutive: Lucas Hrubizna, Tyler McGrath, Francesca Dill, Producers: David Findlay, Screenwriter: Lucas Hrubizna, Camera: Tyler McGrath, Editor: Lucas Hrubizna, Production Design: Francesca Dill, Music: Lucas Hrubizna. Official Website

Showtimes: Sept 29 08:30 pm International Village #9, Oct 07 04:30 pm Vancity Theatre

Hard Card - VIFF 2014

LIGHT (Short Film – Canadian Images)

After his recent move to Canada, Omar faces the sudden death of his stillborn child. Devastated by the death of his newborn son, this Lebanese man living in an adopted country is challenged by his mother’s request that he perform Islamic pre-burial rituals in the confines of a hospital. He struggles to fulfill her wishes. Avoiding melodrama, Yassmina Karajah delivers a deeply affecting story about culture, loss, and devotion. (14 mins, DCP)

Students who brought this film to the screen are: Director: Yassmina Karajah, Cast: Ahmed Muslimani, Soad Karim, Timothy J. O’Leary, Executives: Yassmina Karajah, Jenna Hambrook, Benjamin Houde-Hostland, Producers: Jenna Hambrook, David Findlay, Screenwriter: Yassmina Karajah, Camera: Benjamin Houde-Hostland, Editors: Jenna Hambrook, Yassmina Karajah, Production Designers: Lee Patola, Evan Graves. Official Website

Showtimes: Sept 30 09:00 pm International Village #9, Oct 08 05:00 pm Vancity Theatre

Light - VIFF 2014

THE EDITOR (Feature Film – Altered States)

When a series of grisly murders plague a low-rent film production, a former master-editor turned whipping boy becomes the prime suspect. Astron-6 (Manborg) film collective members Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy (current MFA Film Production student) write, direct and star in this deranged, debauched ode to ’70s Italian giallo fare. The Editor is the sort of giddy confection that results when encyclopaedic knowledge collides with prankster impulses. Gore, gratuitous nudity and an inspired guest appearance by Udo Kier make for the perfect late night out! (99 mins, DCP) Film Trailer

Showtimes: Sep 27 11:30 pm Rio Theatre, Sep 28 04:00 pm Vancity Theatre

Kudos to our alumni with films in this year’s festival, here’s the rest of our “Must See” list:

MONSOON (Feature Film – Canadian Images)

BA Film (1974) alumnus Sturla Gunnarsson’s latest film is a personal reflection on chaos, creation and faith in a land of believers. He explores the incomparably vast seasonal weather system that permeates and unifies the immense and varied cultures of India. As the huge system gradually engulfs every region of the country, we meet a remarkable array of individuals from meteorologists to farmers and fisherman to citizens of Mumbai, whose lives are fundamentally affected by the phenomenon. This is a VIFF Impact nominated film. (Canada, France, 2014, 104 mins, DCP) Official Website Director’s Website

Showtimes: Oct 03 09:15 pm Centre for Performing Arts, Oct 05 03:30 pm Centre for Performing Arts

Monsoon - VIFF 2014

TWO 4 ONE (Feature Film – BC Spotlight)

MFA (2001) alumna Maureen Bradley’s debut feature is a bittersweet romantic comedy with a transgender hero in an unimaginable predicament. Oddball couple Miriam and Adam have an ill-advised and pivotal one night stand. The twist? Adam is transgendered. Four years ago, he started his transition from female to male but it isn’t quite complete. They both wind up pregnant. Engagingly shot by UBC BFA Film aluna Amy Belling, the film features standout performances from BFA Acting alumnus Gavin Crawford (This Hour Has 22 Minutes) along with Naomi Snieckus (Mr. D) and Gabrielle Rose. (Canada, 2014, 74 mins, DCP) Official Website

Showtimes: Oct 01 09:00 pm Rio Theatre, Oct 03 11:00 am International Village

Two 4 One - VIFF 2014


Carol (Arabella Bushnell) has a unique way of dealing with her frustrations with family, friends and co-workers: writing brutally honest songs (that frequently feature threats of violence) and leaving them on their voicemail. Carol’s creative catharsis has some immediate and unexpected consequences in this hilarious, offbeat comedy from writer-director Kris Elgstrand. Our BFA Film alumna Amy Belling is both a Producer and Camerawoman for the production. BC Spotlight (Canada, 2014, 80 mins, DCP) Official Website

Showtimes: Sep 27 09:15 pm Rio Theatre, Sep 30 04:45 pm Vancity Theatre

SongsSheWroteAboutPeopleSheKnows - VIFF 2014

BEDBUGS A MUSICAL LOVE STORY (Feature Film – Canadian Images)

Poor Tracy Polokowski! She’s allergic to Mr. Pickles, the cat she’s taking care of for a friend, her parents only invite her over to dinner when she agrees to cook the meal, and her gluten-free boyfriend Dale just dumped her. The ostracized woman learns an unexpected lesson about acceptance. Could the love she’s been looking for be right inside her mattress? BFA Acting alumnus Matthew Kowalchuk directs this film which originated as part of Crazy 8’s and went on to Canadian Short Film Award at the Edmonton International Film Festival. (Canada, 2014, 16 mins, DCP)

Showtimes: Oct 02 08:30 pm International Village #9, Oct 10 12:00 pm Vancity Theatre


SHIP (Short Film – Canadian Images)

A young boy, Thomas, visits his grandparent’s home for the first time since his grandfather’s passing. Confronted by a new silence and stillness, he wanders the house looking at reminders of his grandfather’s life and influence. Frantically completing his late grandfather’s model ship, the boy unexpectedly takes his work and sets it sail into the ocean. Thomas drifts between surreal dreams and waking life. BFA Film alumni Stirling Bancroft (Camera) and Aynsley Baldwin (Editor) are part of the team that bring this to the screen. (Canada, 2014, 14 mins, DCP)

Showtimes: Sep 28 08:30 pm International Village #9, Oct 06 04:45 pm Vancity Theatre

Ship - VIFF 2014

For a full line up of this year’s films see the Vancouver International Film Festival