Asian Canadian Filmmaking Year End Screening
April 27th @ 7pm

Join us for the premiere screening of 10 student-made short films that put Asian Canadian issues in the spotlight.

All films are works produced by students in FIPR 469a, an introductory film-making course exploring Asian Canadian topics and perspectives.

Free Admission

Doors Open at 6:30pm | Screening at 7pm
Reception following the screening at the Frederic Wood Theatre.
Light Refreshments will be served.


“Rail Road / 鐵路” RAILROAD 8:38:16 Mary Chen, Michael Nguyen, Alyssa Sy de Jesus, Amanda Wan A mysterious jade pendant appears to Phillip after one drunken night at the rail road. As he begins to experience its strange effects, he attempts to understand where the jade pendant comes from – and what it means to him.
Wind/Feng Wind/Feng 8:13min Katie Fung and Jane Shi UBC graduate Ashley Yang and her father don’t always get along, but they have at least one thing in common. What’s not said in the family winds up hurting their relationship.
The Vancouverite Cusine The Vancouverite Cuisine 9:33min Yoon Ah Kim, Rachel Yang, Jimmy Feng In a city as multicultural as Vancouver it’s only reasonable to expect its food culture to be as diverse as its demographic. Explore the rise of Vancouver’s very own food culture from a new perspective.
Pho: Vietnamese History in a Bowl Pho - Vietnamese History in a Bowl 7:40min Shaina Somers and Helen Le Where does Pho come from and what is it’s importance? This film explores the history, politics and identity of this famous Vietnamese dish.
Under Fire Under Fire 10 mins Christy Fong and Denise Fong An inside look at the secret methods of roasting a Chinese-style pig, its unexpected history in Vancouver, and how we understand Chinese Canadian cuisine.
Where I’m Grounded  photo_still_Where_im_Grounded_16 8:00min Angela Ho and Tyler Mark How does the present depend on the past? Three generations of Chinese Canadians explore how they forge relationships through their family history, and offer insight into their hopes for the future of these stories.
Lost Lost 9:24min Zhihui Zhao and Meng Xie Two girls go abroad to spread new pages of their lives. What will they do after the experience?
The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Cubs BATTLE HYMN OF TIGER CUBS 8:49 min Valerie Djuhari Follow three members of UBC A Cappella’s ‘Undeclared Majors’ as they talk about the struggles of Asian parenting and their appreciation towards music.
Rahnama RANAMA 5:28 min Shirin Eshghi Featuring the many celebrations that make up Noruz (New Year) in Vancouver, a student leader recounts how Persian-Canadian culture and family make a difference in her life.
Rich Yet Poor RICH YET POOR 6:00min Atieh Yekta A film about economic inequality, social injustice and cost of housing in (beautiful) Vancouver, Canada.