Alumnus Torrance Coombs Takes Lead in New TV Series

Our alumnus Torrance Coombs takes a lead role as “Bash” in the new TV series Reign.

Reign will transport viewers back into history to tell the fictional story of Mary, Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane). The story begins with her arrival back at the French Court after surviving an assassination attempt.

She’s been engaged to Prince Francis (Toby Regbo) since she was a young child, but whether they will marry or not is questionable. On her arrival, it’s immediately apparent that Francis’ half-brother, Bash (played by Torrance Coombs), is smitten by the Queen.

Previous to this new series Coombs most recently appeared in a recurring role as Thomas Culpepper in the television series The Tudors, and in CBC’s Heartland as Chase Powers.

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See Coombs in a preview and interview about his role in the new series: