Alumni Association (FPAA)

logo_film_prod_alumni_assoc The UBC Film Production Alumni Association is a non-profit organization that works to promote the achievements and further the professional opportunities and development of UBC Film Production Alumni and current students.

Formed in the Spring of 2007, the UBC Film Production Alumni Association was founded by Amy Belling (BA 2003), Jessica Cheung (BFA 2006), and Sidney Chiu (BA 2002).

The Association has established a wide network of Film Production alumni working at all levels of the film and television industry.

Working closely with the Film Production Program and current students, the Alumni Association has hosted many gala screenings of alumni films and networking events.

The Association has also has taken a lead position organizing and implementing the Tri-Mentorship Program in conjunction with the UBC Film Production Program and the UBC Faculty of Arts.

Current president Mike Johnston (BFA 2017) began serving the FPAA in September 2017.