Alumna Madeleine Grant Receives Agentic Digital Media Artistic Achievement Award


Women In Film & Television Vancouver (WIFTV), honour Madeleine Grant with the Agentic Digital Media Artistic Achievement Award.

Given to a woman who demonstrates filmmaking excellence, WITFV recognizes Madeleine’s accomplishments in the following statement:

Madeleine Grant is a gifted and visionary filmmaker who deftly balances hope with reality, as in her award-winning documentary feature, The Backward Class about youth from India’s untouchable class re-framing their world. Madeleine’s art reminds us of the extraordinary in the ordinary, the beautiful in the seemingly invisible, and how impossible things can become real if we all believe not only in our own potential, but in the potential of all people. In fact, our films should inspire human beings to do just that. 

Visit WIFTV’s website HERE for the full list of 2015 Spotlight Award Winners.

Photo of Madeleine Grant courtesy of Women In Film & Television Vancouver.