Brian McIlroy, B.A.(Sheffield), M.A.(Leeds), Ph.D. (UBC), specializes in Canadian and Irish Cinema. Other research interests include British cinema and television, Documentary, Early cinema and Irish literature. He is the author, editor or co-editor of six books, including Genre and Cinema: Ireland and Transnationalism (Routledge, 2007).  His work has appeared in such journals as The Canadian Journal of Film Studies, The Canadian Journal of Irish Studies, Cineaste, Film Criticism, Literature/Film Quarterly, Mosaic, and Screen.  In 2011, he was awarded the Killam Trusts Award for Excellence in Mentoring Graduate Students.

Courses Taught Last Five years

  • FIST 200 Intro to Canadian Cinema
  • FIST 210 Early Cinema
  • FIST 334 Studies in Documentary
  • FIST 336 Studies in European Cinema
  • FIST 430 Studies in Auteurism
  • FIST 500 Research Methods
  • Arts One Program

Recent Graduate MA Thesis Supervisions:

  • Matthew Gartner, “The Observed Self of the Screen Actor in the Multi-Role Performances of Peter Sellers and Buster Keaton” (2017)
  • Molly Lewis, “The Circuitry of Memory: Time and Space in Mad Men” (2015)
  • Angela Walsh, “Obscene Intimacies: Postmodern Portraiture in Documentary Film and Television” (2015)



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Journal Articles:

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Online data entries:

Project title: Screens in Vancouver: Cinema-going and the City in 1914

SSHRC Research Data and Context posted to UBC Circle Digital repository

Comparison of 1914 Film Listings in Newspapers in Three Cities: Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal: (2014)

Film Listings By Cinema and Newspaper in Vancouver from January to December 1914: (2013)

Comparison of 1914 Film Listings in Newspapers in Three Cities: Vancouver, Seattle, Winnipeg:  (2013)

Screens in Vancouver: Cinemagoing and the City in 1914 [Maps: 1906-1930]: (2012)




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