Full-Time Faculty

Associate Professor, Stage Movement and Acting
Associate Professor, Film Studies
Lecturer, Film Studies
BA Film Studies Advisor
Cinephile Faculty Advisor
Associate Professor, Design and Production
Professor, Design and Production
BFA Design and Production Advisor
Professor and Head, Department of Theatre and Film
BFA Auditions Coordinator
Associate Professor, Theatre Studies
Advisor PhD Theatre Studies Program
Advisor MA Theatre Studies Program
Associate Professor, Theatre Studies
Associate Professor, Acting and Directing
Graduate Advisor MFA Directing Program
On Leave July 2017-January 2018
Assistant Professor, Theatre Studies
Associate Head, Department of Theatre and Film
Professor, Film Studies
Associate Professor, Film Production
Professor, Film Studies
MA Film Studies Graduate Advisor
Associate Professor, Voice and Acting
BFA Acting Academic Advisor
Assistant Professor, Design and Production
Design and Production MFA Graduate Advisor
Professor, Acting and Directing
Associate Professor, Film Production
On leave.
Assistant Professor,
Film Production