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Announcing Our 2014/15 Season: We’re delighted to announce that the Department of Theatre and Film and the School of Music’s Opera Program will be merging our production seasons starting in the fall of 2014. This merger is a landmark event for both programs; Opera and Theatre at UBC have enjoyed an informal association since the 1960’s, and this new formal alliance of our production areas has been developing since the founding of the UBC Opera ensemble by Professor Nancy Hermiston in 1995. The combined Opera and Theatre season of shows will be unique among Canadian post-secondary programs, an unparalleled training environment for student performers, directors, designers, and technicians, as well as a marvelous expansion of the opportunities to enjoy great live events on the UBC Vancouver campus. We not only present this wonderful combined season of live performances, but we’ll also, for the first time in our history, be premiering an original film created entirely by students; “Naked Cinema”, which will be ushered to the screen by award winning filmmaking collaborators Bruce Sweeney and UBC Associate Professor Tom Scholte. Please join us to experience the exciting work of our next generation of theatre, opera and film artists.
- Robert Gardiner Professor & Acting Head

Come to our performances this year to be inspired, encounter new thinking and have your world expand in exciting and unexpected new directions. UBC’s award winning artists on faculty & guest artists join Theatre, Film and Opera students to produce a season of highly intelligent, entertaining and risk-taking work. Plan your season choices now and save – subscription packages start at only $33.


TWELFTH NIGHT poster design by Harry Bardal

poster design by Harry Bardal


THEATRE SERIES | Romantic Comedy By William Shakespeare | Director Stephen Heatley | September 25 – October 11, 2014 | $7 PREVIEW September 24 | Talkback October 1 | Venue: Frederic Wood Theatre

Visit our companion showsite! Visit the Twelfth Night showsite where you’ll meet the Company, see production photos, view design renderings,  download the production program, and read behind the scenes research.

This romantic comedy of epic proportions is often referred to as Shakespeare’s finest comedy. Orsino loves Olivia. Olivia doesn’t love him. She loves Cesario who’s actually Viola in disguise. And then there’s Malvolio… where will his giddy infatuation lead him? Outrageous high-jinx ensue as pangs of unrequited love afflict these unforgettable characters. The hilarity of the play’s gender bending and sexual confusions is heightened against the backdrop of Mardi-Gras.

…one of the most engaging romances ever written.”
– New York Times



UBC Opera Ensemble 2014/2015 Mainstage Season: The Bartered Bride

UBC Opera Ensemble
2014/2015: The Bartered Bride


OPERA SERIES |  ~ Sung In Czech Bedřich Smetana, to a libretto by Karel Sabina Director Nancy Hermiston | Conducted by Norbert Baxa | November 13 – 1 5, 2014 at 7:30pm | Matinee November 16, 2014 at 2pm | Venue: Old Auditorium

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It is spring in a Bohemian village and holiday time. The villagers gather to celebrate the festive occasion. It is against this background that the story of love, arranged and unarranged, is played with a great deal of bargaining on all sides. Relationships and assignations are put to the test against the carnival atmosphere in the village with the inevitable happy ending, although not quite as expected.

This score’s inventiveness never ceases to astonish…”
– The Guardian


Poster design: Alicia Aida

Poster design: Alicia Aida


EXTRA EVENT | FEATURE FILM PREMIERE January 26 – 27, 2015 | Venue: Norm Theatre, Old Student Union Building

Alumni and award winning filmmaking collaborators Bruce Sweeney and Tom Scholte rock our season program with a full frontal cinematic offering. The duo’s work is described by critics as “raw, naked, and uncompromising.” Under their stewardship, expect nothing less from the UBC Theatre and Film students, who create an original feature length film from start to finish. The work is inspired by Lars von Trier’s DOGMA 95 Manifesto, which seeks to strip all manner of artifice from the filmmaking process and free artists on both sides of the camera.



EXTRA EVENT | MFA Directors Program A November 27- 29, 2014 | Venue: Dorothy Somerset Studio

First year MFA Directing students Evan Frayne and Keltie Brown test their mettle in these evenings of two engaging one-act plays. The focus is squarely between director and actor in Program A, while Program B brings in design students and a more adventurous theatricality.

Admission by donation!


THE BACCHAE 2.1 Euripides, Adapted by Charles Mee | Director Dennis Gupa |  January 22 – February 7, 2015 | $7 Preview January 21 | Talkback January 28 | Venue: Frederic Wood Theatre Poster design: Harry Bardal

Poster design by Harry Bardal


WARNING: Explicit ContentWARNING: Explicit Content


THEATRE SERIES | Modern Greek Tragedy | By Euripides, Adapted by Charles Mee | Director Dennis Gupa |  January 22 – February 7, 2015 | $7 Preview January 21 | Talkback January 28 | Venue: Frederic Wood Theatre

Visit our companion showsite! Visit The Bacchae 2.1 showsite where you’ll meet the Company, see production photos, view design renderings, download the production program, and read behind-the-scenes research.

Expect the unexpected from Charles Mee’s richly poetic creation The Bacchae 2.1. In addition to Euripides’ classic Greek tragedy, the script draws from German literary theorist Klaus Theweleit’s Male Fantasies, Valerie Solanas’ The S.C.U.M. Manifesto and Joan Nestle’s Lesbian Herstory Archives. All find their place in Euripides’ theatrical celebration of the god Dionysus, set in a world both ancient and modern.

Striking juxtapositions create word images of remarkable beauty.”
– Theatre Man


UBC Opera Ensemble 2014/2015: The Marriage of Figaro

UBC Opera Ensemble
2014/2015: The Marriage of Figaro


OPERA | ~ Sung in Italian Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with an Italian libretto written by Lorenzo Da Ponte Director Nancy Hermiston | Conducted by Neil Varon February 5 – 7, 2015 at 7:30pm | Matinee February 8, 2015 at 2pm  | Venue: Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

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Servants Figaro and Suzanna find themselves in a tangled web prior to their wedding day. Count Almaviva, bored of his wife the Countess, has romantic intentions with Suzanna. To save both marriages, everyone becomes involved in elaborate schemes, which include an amorous teenager, an old maid, a drunken gardener, and a silly young girl. Much can happen on a “folle journée”.

…one of the greatest operas ever written.”
– Theatre Jones


poster by Harry Bardal

poster by Harry Bardal


THEATRE SERIES | Modern Musical

Triumph of Love, a modern musical directed by Barbara Tomasic. Based on the play by Marivaux. Book: James Magruder. Music: Jeffrey Stock. Lyrics: Susan Birkenhead RUN: March 19-April 4 | CURTAIN: 7:30 pm VALUE-ADDED PERFORMANCES: March 18: $7 Preview, March 25: Post-show Talk Back | VENUE: Frederic Wood Theatre, 6354 Crescent Rd., UBC MAP: | TICKETS: $24.50, Seniors: $16.50, Students: $11.50, Student Rush: $7, UBC Alumni: $10, Youth: $9. Groups 10+ receive $2 off. All fees included. | BOX OFFICE: 604.822.2678 or Book Online:

This modern musical adaptation of Marivaux’s 18th century romantic comedy follows Princess Leonide as she literally wears the pants so that her beloved Agis can return to his rightful throne. It’s not her fault if her deceptive dress-up causes the entire household to fall in love with her! With her confidante, Corine, by her side, Leonide must rescue her man before his stuffed-shirt uncle and sourpuss aunt find out who’s really beneath those ever-changing bodices and breaches.

Triumph of Love is a hip fairy-tale…”
– Variety


Join us to see a great Canadian film on this year’s second annual National Canadian Film Day. We’ll be showing the cult classic horror film Ginger Snaps

Join us to see the cult classic horror film Ginger Snaps


EXTRA EVENT | Free Film Screening April 29, 2015 at 7:30 pm
Venue: Frederic Wood Theatre

Cult Classic, John Fawcett’s GINGER SNAPS

Join us to see a great Canadian film on this year’s second annual National Canadian Film Day. We’ll be showing the cult classic horror film Ginger Snaps and our resident cult film expert, Professor Ernest Mathijus, will provide an insiders introduction.

Admission FREE! More details about free screenings across Canada at


UBC Opera Ensemble 2014/2015: La Traviata

UBC Opera Ensemble
2014/2015: La Traviata


OPERA | ~ Sung in Italian Verdi set to an Italian libretto by Francesco Maria Piave Director Nancy Hermiston | Conductor David Agler | June 20 and June 25-27, 2015 at 7:30pm | Matinee June 21 & 28, 2015 at 2pm | Venue: Old Auditorium

UBC's School of MusicVisit the School of Music!

La Traviata, “The Lost One”, tells the tale of doomed love between the famous courtesan Violetta and the handsome Alfredo. An opera filled with lavish parties, true love, evil deceit, and heartbreak; La Traviata unveils an unforgiving world of morality and hypocrisy. Violetta herself passionately exclaims that even when God has forgiven you, mankind is relentless and you are doomed forever.

Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought” – Percy Bysshe Shelley



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